Pedieos river banks walk – Saturday 12 September


Join the Cyprus Strollers on Saturday 12 September 2015, on an extraordinary hike on the Pedieos river trail. The activity marks our club’s contribution to the European Week of Sport.

The European Week of Sport, from 7 to 13 September 2015, aims to promote sport and physical activity across Europe, under the slogan #BEACTIVE. The Week is for everyone, regardless of age, background or fitness level. With a focus on grassroots initiatives, it will inspire Europeans to #BEACTIVE on a regular basis and create opportunities in people’s everyday lives to exercise more. Consequently, the Pedieos hike is easy and an excellent opportunity for anyone considering taking up hiking, to test themselves. For this event, The Cyprus Strollers cooperate with the Cyprus Mountaineering, Sport Climbing and Orienteering Federation (in Greek Κ.ΟΜ.Ο.Α.Α.Π.). If you want to read more, or indeed see this event featured, visit . In Cyprus, the European Week of Sport is coordinated by the Cyprus Sports Organisation (ΚΟΑ) and is media sponsored by Ant1, Mega, CBC (ΡΙΚ) and Sigma.

Here is an outdoor activity, organised by The Cyprus Strollers, to promote the virtues of hiking. The walk is along the Pedieos river banks linear trail, in Nicosia. There is no participation charge. Participants simply need to show up at the arranged place, on time. Event is ideal for families and people who want to try out a hiking activity and see how they like it. The path is entirely flat, easy and linear. We return to the starting point along the same path going out. Anybody who wishes to walk for less, can do so, simply by turning back when they choose.

Starting time is 5:30 in the evening, when temperatures are lower, hence hiking will take place in cooler weather. The sun sets at 7:00 pm on this day. The hike is expected to have finished before 8 pm. The Pedieos trail is illuminated after sunset. All the same, you are advised to carry with you a flashlight.

Meeting point is the parking area on the bank of river Pedieos, on Heilonos avenue, next to the Ministry of Health. We set off at 17:30, so please be there at 17:15. You are advised to carry with you a bottle of water.

Xenophon is leading this walk, which will go ahead even in light rain; if you need to, call 97613720. The walk will take about 2 ½ hours. We follow the well-marked trail of Pedieos towards Lakatamia, and return by the same path. A significant part of the walk is on the banks of the river (initially the left bank, later on we cross to the right bank). A good part of the walk is under the shade of trees.

The Pedieos river banks trail is a fairly recent addition to the beauties of Nicosia; consequently, for most of its distance it carries lighting, making it suitable also for the evenings. Further, in most parts the trail splits in two, providing one trail for cyclists, and another for strollers.

There is no provision for dinner or drinks at the end of the walk; participants will decide on the spot.

How to get to the walk start:

The starting point is a short 12 minute walk from the very central Solomou square. Follow Omirou Avenue westwards. When you get to the traffic lights with the Cyprus Archaeological  Museum on your right (and the House of Representatives/ Parliament opposite the Museum, also on your right) turn left. 25 metres afterwards this road splits in two. Take the right turn, this is Heilonos Avenue. The parking place where we meet is about 200 metres down this road, on your left hand side.

Google Maps: Here is a map taking you from Solomou square (the central bus terminal on Omirou Avenue, in Nicosia city centre), to the parking place on Heilonos Avenue, where we meet to start our walk

About Pedieos river: The river originates in the Mahairas mountain and flows north, through Nicosia, before turning east to irrigate the Mesaoria plain and meet the sea at Famagusta bay. Its length is approx. 100 km.

Disclaimer: If you attend a Cyprus Strollers walk you do so entirely at your own risk. The Cyprus Strollers is a social club and neither the organizers nor the leader of the walk are responsible for the health and safety of those taking part.