In the News

Cyprus Strollers in the News. Visit this section to read what the media write about the Cyprus Strollers.

Article by Maria Gregoriou, Arts Reporter, which appeared in the Cyprus Mail newspaper of 5 January 2018

The Cyprus Strollers are recommended to the readers of Kathimerini newspaper in Greece on 18 April 2017

Article by Xenophon in the Cyprus Weekly newspaper on 1st July 2016

Article in the MyDestination website October 2015

Article in the Offsite website 19 March 2015

The Cyprus Mail newspaper article, 14 January 2015

Time Out Cyprus magazine presentation, November 2014 issue News-feature-TimeOut-Nov2014

The Cyprus Weekly extensive presentation, 3 October 2014 News-feature-Cyprus-Weekly-3Oct14

The Sunday Mail full-page article, 28 September 2014 News-feature-Sunday-Mail-28Sept14

Politis newspaper article, Saturday 20 September 2014 News-feature-Politis-20Sept14

Cyprus Events website article:


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