Galata’s Unique Cultural Stroll – 25 Feb.

The outing of Saturday 25 February offered a unique combination of stroll and culture; we visited seven churches in Galata, dating to the 1st half of the 16th century, when Cyprus was occupied by the Venetians; we also visited the church in Old Kakopetria, from the same period. Importantly, we succeeded in admiring the treasures inside five of these churches. Participants further benefited from a splendid weather, the rich vegetation, walking along the river and from Yiannis’ story telling, by the big rock in Kakopetria. Join us on 5 March at Atalanti



Pipis Hills Came Alive with the Sound of Strollers – 19 Feb.

It was a softly sunny day when Pipis hills, not among the list of most visited hiking destinations in Cyprus, came alive with the sound of a harmonious group of Strollers, on Sunday 19 February. The slopes were dressed in the yellow colour of flowers, while the pine trees provided an air of freshness. Participants were richly rewarded with the long views and at lunch in Kokkinou taverna. Compliments to Angelos, who graciously led the club at short notice, and to George, Panny and Nicos for the photos. Join us on 25 Feb. at Galata


Many Merits of Merikas – 11 Feb.

There was a very large turnout for the 1st visit of The Cyprus Strollers near the village of Kalo Chorio Klirou on Saturday 11 February. Participants defied the weather forecasts and were rewarded in many ways: a cloudy sky, without rain; a beautiful hike along Merikas, with the river flowing nearby for much of the way; the budding leaves of Mediterranean Hawthorn; the violet flowers of grape hyacinth; impressive ophiolite rock formations. Compliments to Laurent for leading the club, and to Christine and Dina for the photos. Join us on 19 Feb. at Pipis


budding leaves

budding leaves


Unforgettable Delikipos – 5 Feb.

Strollers know better than anybody that what goes up, comes back down again; what starts, has an end; people come and people go. The hike at Delikipos on Sunday 5 February was a delicious outing, in which the club welcomed once more new members, and also bid farewell to Laura, who leaves Cyprus for her next career challenge. Hiking took place in perfect weather, there were a record eight dogs, the landscape was beautiful, and the taverna meal an experience not easily found. Compliments to Koula, Christine and Teresa for the photos. Join us on 11 Feb. at Merikas


pigeon nest boxes/pezounarko

pigeon nest boxes/pezounarko