Glacier breaks off, 10 hikers dead

On Sunday 3 July 2022, in the early afternoon, a glacier in the Italian Dolomites broke off, causing the loss of the lives of 10 hikers. The incident was one more outcome of the ongoing phenomenon of global warming. This Club deplores the general lack of determination by the world powers, to reach consensus on an urgent corrective plan. We need actions, not declarations, from those in power.

The glacier had progressively become unstable, and the poor snow season last winter precipitated its collapse. Italian authorities had measured the loss of about 30% of the volume of glaciers, over a period of 10 years. The emerging picture is that glaciers have become too dangerous to explore on foot.

To help through the intense, often unlivable summer heat, here is a recommended relevant reading; a 2016 book by Italian Paolo Cognetti, titled Le otto montagne (The eight mountains). It is available also in Greek, from Patakis publishing firm. (Photo from The Guardian)