Hiking, in times of covid-19 Troodos 24 Oct.

“They are talking about banning black house cleaners from coming”, someone said. Another said the disease “was spreading through banknotes that passed from hand to hand”; yet another spoke about “the mail brought by the postman”. An excerpt from a recent article relating a past epidemic. The photo shows one of the several treats bestowed on the participants of the hike of 24 October on Troodos. Join us on 1 November on Amiantos https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/amiantos-hrysovrysi-and-loumata-aeton-2-hikes-1-nov/


Partake in the Cheer – Check-in Feature

A full-length feature in the popular magazine Check-in presents The Cyprus Strollers (in Greek). Read it here https://cyprus-strollers.org/in-the-news/check-in-magazine-feature/ Below, photos from the excursion of 18 Oct. at Platania, with compliments to Anna and Maria for the photos. Join us on 24 Oct at Pouziaris https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/pouziaris-troodos-24-oct/ and remember to send in your registration (there will be no mid-week e-mail reminder).

The Goodness of Prodromos – 10 Oct

A cheerful group of Strollers, including new members, hiked the very charming Zoumi-Stavroulia trail on Prodromos on Saturday 10 October. Among the rewards were the sighting of the first crocus flowers of the season, captivating long views, a forest as dense as you can find on the island, the spirited conversations along the way as well as over lunch. Compliments to Antonis and Yannis for the photos. Join us on 18 Oct at Platania and remember to send in your registration (there will be no mid-week e-mail reminder) https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/platania-agios-nicolaos-18-oct/

The Club that brings out the Best in People – Artemis 4 Oct.

A very large turnout, made up of long-standing members and newcomers, people of all age groups, from 8 years up, and from a multitude of nationalities, hiked Artemis on Sunday 4 October, at the resumption of regular activities post-covid lockdown. Participation was in flesh as well as in spirit, with tenderness as well as elation.

There were members who arrived quite late at hike start, yet respected their lunch booking and were compensated by all the joy at the table. There was a member who put the call of duty and solidarity above some bodily ache. There was the very touching joining of hands along the path by mother and son. There were many spirited exchanges over lunch. And there was an impromptu somersault by a most lovable young member, to cap it all! A collection of moments no camera can capture.

Compliments to Nicos for leading the event and to Antonis, Anna and Yannis for the photos. Join us on 11 Oct at Prodromos and remember to send in your registration (there will be no mid-week e-mail reminder) https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/prodromos-zoumi-stavroulia-10-oct/