Wonders of Nature – Kyperounda 17 Nov.

The large group of Strollers on Sunday 17 November along the Platania – Kyperounda trail were offered a rare reward: the sighting of a terebinth tree attacked by wasps, and the defense mechanism the plant had developed, in what looked like an attractive pericarpium, in its effort to enclose the attackers. Viewed differently, one further example of what is sensational to the eye is often deceptively empty of worth. Can you think of another club which attracts such breadth of knowledge and offers such blend of hiking with socialising and stretching of the mind and imagination? Compliments to Vakis for this botanical illumination and to Panayiotis and Stathis for their photos. Join us on 23 Nov to discover Kourtellorotsos https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/panagia-araka-kourtellorotsos-23-nov/

not beauty

terebinth defense

Platres in Sunshine – 9 Nov.

Celebrating the 30th anniversary from the fall of the Berlin Wall on Saturday 9 November, a very large group of Strollers, from diverse nationalities, hiked in Platres, under a rather hot sun. Exchanges over lunch varied from a comparison with divided Nicosia; to places threatened by the rising sea level, where building a wall seems to be a measure for good; to the brave steps taken by the Nobel Peace prize winner 2019, Prime Minister of Ethiopia Mr. Abiy Ahmed, who brought peace with neighbouring Eritrea, as so touchingly recounted by Selam. Compliments to Dimos, Panayiotis and Stathis for the photos. Join us on 17 Nov. at Platania https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/platania-kyperounda-17-nov/

Change of Season – Platania 3 Nov.

It’s hard to imagine an easier and more enjoyable way to cover 13 kilometres, than the route along the dirt road from Platania towards Agios Nicolaos, on Sunday 3 November.

The large group of Strollers once again spanned several nationalities and age groups, who could all enjoy this very accommodating hike. The forest, the partly cloudy skies and the flowing conversations made the moderate uphill and downhill sections even smoother, allowing us to fully enjoy the natural features of this area, where autumn makes a clear statement: we could hear the stream burbling in the river bed below, the strawberry trees were heavy with their ripe red berries, and the high plane trees – Platanus – were preparing to shed their yellow-orange-brown leaves.

As always, we made regular brief stops to reunite the first Strollers with the last and keep the group together. After the walk it was only a few minutes’ drive to a nearby taverna for a shared meal and impressions of the day, in good spirit. Compliments to Dina for creating this summary and to Panayiotis and Stathis for the photos. Join us on 9 Nov. at Platres https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/platres-mesa-potamos-9-nov/

Just Like Life – Stavroulia 26 Oct.

The excursion of Saturday 26 October was smartly described, over lunch, by one member as varied, just like life: with its ups (uphill) and its downs (downhill); at parts on narrow (trail), other parts on wide (dirt road); in sunshine and then under the clouds; over long views and then in dense forest. Overall, a wonderful experience in the company of cheerful Strollers. Compliments to Dimos, Nicoletta, Maria and Stathis for the photos. Join us on 3 Nov. at Platania https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/platania-agios-nicolaos-3-nov/

Weather Defiant on Tremithos – 20 Oct.

There was a large turnout, including several first time Strollers on Tremithos on Sunday 20 October. Participants hiked defiant of the weather, which brought a long desired rain all over the island, following a very hot summer. A rewarding lunch followed in a cheerful fashion, since we had all changed into dry clothes. Compliments to Stathis for the photos. Join us on 26 Oct. on Stavroulia https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/prodromos-zoumi-stavroulia-26-oct/

You Cannot Get a Fuller Experience – Artemis 12 Oct.

Oh, what a massive turnout, comprised of members from 14 nationalities; oh, what a full experience had by those eager on Troodos on Saturday 12 October, with your favourite club. The package included a hike on the highest trail, enriched with views and talk which took us into cultural and history lanes; and to cap it all, there was a rich dining experience. Compliments to Nicos for his leadership, to Yiannis for his stories and to Nicoletta and Stathis for the photos. Join us on 20 Oct. on Prodromos https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/prodromos-tremithos-20-oct/

Terrific turnout – season opener 6 Oct.

For the start of the club’s 11th season on Sunday 6 October we had a very large gathering of regular members and newcomers, of all ages and various nationalities. Conversations flowed generously, participants triggered by the core message in the welcoming speech that “the more you give, the more you get back”. The trail along Pouziaris mountain and back, over 13 km, took place in perfect weather conditions. Compliments to Nana, Maria and Stathis for sharing their photos. Join us on 12 Oct. on Artemis https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/troodos-artemis-12-oct/