Contact with nature reduces loneliness, study shows

Read this interesting piece of research from The Guardian I quote one finding: “when people were able to see trees or the sky, or hear birds, feelings of loneliness fell by 28%. Feelings of social inclusion also cut loneliness by 21%, and when these feelings coincided with contact with nature the beneficial effect was boosted by a further 18%”. Faithful of The Cyprus Strollers know about these positive outcomes very well.


All Shades of Blue – Governor’s 18 Dec.

The hike along the coast of Governor’s on 18 December turned into a spectacle of all shades of blue, as the sea and the sky were illustrative of the variable weather conditions. Let the photos, compliments of Dorothea and Yannis reveal the sensations experienced. Lunch was a great treat of fish and seafood, which added sparkle to the moods of diners, epitomized by the good humour of Giannis, who put on a most appropriate shirt for the occasion. Best wishes to all for the holiday period. Join us on 8 January as we commence the January – May 2022 season.

Celebrating our Mountains – Mahairas 12 Dec.

One of the prettiest hikes was our destination on 12 December; it combined visit to a religious treasure, climb down to the springs of Pedieos river, and stops at 2 picturesque, well preserved villages, Lazanias and Fikardou. Strollers fittingly celebrated the International Mountain Day (11 Dec.) and exchanged fond reflections over an impressive buffet that followed. Compliments to Antonis for leading this event and to Yulia and Anna for the photos. Join us on 18 Dec. on a coastal hike

Cloudy sky and Shiny faces – Xylogefyro 4 Dec.

All Strollers on the hike at Xylogefyro on 4 December see no disparity in the title statement. Under an all cloudy sky, and moderate temperatures, a difficult walk was made to look rather easy. A wow accomplishment and compliments to all contributors around the lunch table, for their cultural stories. Seeing is believing, so join us on 12 Dec. at Mahairas Special thanks to Nicos for leading this activity, and to Antonis, Yannis and Anna for the photos.