Hike preparation


Preparing for your Hike with The Cyprus Strollers

If you are preparing for a walk in city paths, you know what to carry.

If you are preparing for a hike in the countryside, on mountains, in forests, on dirt roads and trails, there are some things to observe which are essential, and it is your obligation to always carry, and some things which are useful/ optional.

Essential gear to carry:

A good pair of hiking shoes (not gym shoes, not sandals)

Hiking sticks/ poles

Long sleeves and long trousers, where indicated

A cap, for protection from the sun

Your sunglasses

A shower proof jacket

Drinking water (at least 500 ml)

A backpack/ rucksack, carried on your back, leaving both arms and both hands free

Your first aid kit

You must a) print out the instructions for the hike and have them with you, b) use your odometer, as instructed, if you are driving.

Optional gear to carry:

Suntan lotion

Paper tissues

Pocket knife

Your camera

Insect repellent

Something to eat (fruit, dried fruit, sandwich etc.)

If you are preparing for a walk followed by a picnic:

Wondering what to bring along? Think of food you like and can easily be carried, such as sandwiches, boiled eggs, meat balls, cucumbers, fruit, dried fruit, packets of snacks. And plenty of water. Picnics are ideal opportunities for getting closer, and for sharing; consequently, you are urged to bring along bite-sized food; in this way, you will be offering some of what you carry to others, and at the same time picking bites carried by fellow Strollers; doesn’t this sound more exciting than if you were to bring along just one sandwich?

Protecting yourself in rainy conditions:

Rain is possible, during a hike. To protect yourself, you are expected to always carry a rainproof jacket or vest and rainproof trousers in your backpack. Most importantly, you are encouraged to keep one set of extra clothing in the boot of your car, to change into dry clothes, once the hike is over.

Protecting the environment:

The countryside, mountains and forests are important national treasures. Your visit must be careful, so as to enjoy the environment, but not to leave behind any harmful marks (litter, cigarettes etc.).





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