Alpine Cyprus – 27 Feb.

A passionate group of Strollers hiked along Lefkara lake on 27 February, and marveled at the scenery, which one could liken to lakes in the Alps. Compliments to Antonis for leading the outing. Join us next along Pedieos gorge


Bonding Hike – Xyliatos 20 Feb.

The Strollers at Xyliatos on 20 February took advantage of the weather and circumstances, to enjoy hiking and connecting; everyone felt highly gratified. Join us next at Lefkara dam

Looking up, looking down – Galata 13 Feb.

It may come as no surprise, there was a huge turnout for this unique event. Unique, for being a route not mapped by any. Unique, for combining two strong concepts, the cultural and the romantic. Strollers were treated to a thorough description of the insides of two 16 c. churches, on the Unesco heritage list, for which all eyes concentrated up. Then, along the flanks of river Clarios, with its rich flow, eyes were looking down; some members were so engaged, that they could not resist a hands-in experience. Compliments to Alena for the photos. Join us next on 19 Feb., for a hike and lunch

A Hike to send one to sleep – Platania–Spilia 5 Feb.

A large and multinational group of Strollers brought their positive attitude and turned the hike along a rather unexciting path at Platania to a memorable experience, sufficient to help everyone sail through our ordinary week. Compliments to Anna for the beautiful photos. Don’t miss our cultural and romantic day out on 13 Feb.