Strollers enjoyed Pedieos river with plenty of flow, 21 Feb.

Thanks to the quite plentiful rainfall this season, the stroll along the Pedieos river banks of Saturday 21 February offered the Cyprus Strollers a pleasant, not-so-common sight: the river with a generous water flow throughout.




All-weather Strollers at Adelphi forest, 14 Feb.

An energetic group of Cyprus Strollers hiked in Adelphi forest on Saturday 14 February. Despite the weather forecast which was calling for certain rain throughout, we experienced only light rain for some of the time, and our raincoats provided perfect protection. Among the several delights on our path were orchids, the almond trees in full bloom, the first blooming cyclamen and a small waterfall, consequent of the heavy rain of this season. Lunch at Forviotissa taverna in Asinou, by the fireplace, at the end, was an excellent reward.

Kindly note a change of date for next week’s activity, which is brought forward by one day; the hike at Pedieos river banks in Nicosia will take place on Saturday 21 Feb. instead of the Sunday. This will let people free to attend the Limassol carnival parade on 22 Feb., as requested.


A small waterfall

A small waterfallCyclamen-Feb-Asinou




At last, a white stroll, Troodos 8 Feb.

It was 3rd time lucky for the Cyprus Strollers on the Artemis trail, on Troodos, on Sunday 8 February. This specific hike was called off twice already in 2015, due to snowfalls and hazardous road access. We walked in good weather conditions, which started sunny and turned cloudy, with some fog, but no rain. The trail was dry on the south side, which got more sunshine since the last snowfall, but there was snow on the north side, which added an unusual touch, but also slowed us down. Lunch was an excellent value for money at Louis taverna in Prodromos.