Two Hikes – Double the Pleasure for the Strollers on Mahairas, 25 April

The excursion of Saturday 25 April covered 2 hikes, near one another, on the south slopes of Mahairas; nature was at its best, the weather fine and the pleasure double. The encounter of the cave was a not-so-common experience. The picnic at Kionia offered a large variety of tastes, to wrap-up the day. Compliments to Yiannis for the cave photo.

Mahairas-south-slopes1 Mahairas-south-slopes2 Cave-Moutti-Athasias-Mahairas-south-slopes



A song for the Cyprus Strollers

It has been proven, via research by several US universities, that hiking promotes creativity. On the ‘Madari Grand Circle’ hike of 19 April, a song for the Cyprus Strollers was born. The song is sang to the tune of “When the Saints go marching in”. Read the lyrics and comment. Better still, join us in one of our upcoming excursions and sing along…

We are the Strollers, the Cyprus Strollers,

We are the Strollers hiking for fun,

We are hiking and singing,

The Cyprus Strollers hiking for fun


When the Strollers, the Cyprus Strollers,

When the Strollers go hiking up,

They will reach a summit,

The Cyprus Strollers go hiking up


An Outstanding Hike – Madari Grand Circle, 19 April

A courageous team of Strollers, from 5 nationalities, performed the Grand Circle of Madari on Sunday 19 April, to perfection! The hike took 6 hours, including the picnic. The weather was sunny throughout. The vegetation was abundant and splendid; the trees (pine, golden oak, cedar, strawberry) provided shade in many places, while the flowers (incl. orchids) offered a beautiful palette of colours. Compliments to Chistos for the photos.

Charcoal making furnace

Charcoal making furnace




The Sea Caves at their best, 5 April

A large group of Strollers had a splendid day on Sunday 5 April, visiting the Sea Caves and hiking along the coastline towards Cape Greco and the small church of Agioi Anargyroi, where we ended up for the picnic. The appeal of the Cyprus Strollers is broadening steadily; this time we welcomed members from 2 additional nationalities.SeaCaves1-lighter