Forest Bathing – Shinrin Yoku – Can Make us Feel Better

The Japanese have known for years that spending mindful time in the woods is beneficial for body and soul. Now western doctors agree. As do, of course, the members of The Cyprus Strollers. Read this exciting new article from The Observer and don’t miss out on the activities of the 11th season of your club, commencing October 


10 Hiking Seasons Completed – 2 June

It was a sentimental finale on Troodos and at Chrysanthis taverna on Sunday 2 June, befitting a Club which has just completed 10 continuous hiking seasons. Xenophon is thankful to the thousands of people, of all ages, from near 50 nationalities and all continents, who have walked with The Cyprus Strollers, discovering the pleasures of hiking and the island’s countryside; while extending special thanks to Stathis, Koula and Gunnar for their gifts and speeches on the day.