Encore! Chanted the Strollers at the Finale – 28 May

The excursion of Sunday 28 May at Almyrolivado, on Troodos mountain, marked the finale of the Jan-May 2017 season. The mood was joyful throughout the two hikes and the picnic that followed. The highlight of the day came at the end, when Christina presented a cake made for the occasion, to sweeten our teeth and seal the fond memories. All participants exchanged wishes for the summer period, and expressed the desire to meet up over the summer. The club also welcomed new members, and said goodbye to Kate, who returns to her teaching job in the USA. Compliments to Christina for the cake and to Koula for the photos.

Juniper 500 years 16 m 1.42m diameter

tree burnt by thunder

admiring a long view


Unrepeatable Platres – 21 May

‘The nightingales won’t let you sleep in Platres’, wrote famous Greek poet George Seferis (1900-1971). The singing of the birds along our hike of Sunday 21 May is just one of the reasons that made this excursion unrepeatable. There was also the music of the water flowing in Kryos Potamos river; the waterfall at Caledonian; the richness of vegetation, tall and low; the orchids; the fragrances, including that of curry from Helichrysum italica/Everlasting; the cool air; the impressive views of the village of Platres from the slopes of Pouziaris; the quality of the group of Strollers, including 3 elementary school kids and 4 dogs. But more than everything else, this specific outing will last in our memories as the trail discovered by Lowell, and led by him for the last time; we thank Lowell and wish him best of luck as he leaves Cyprus for his next assignment, at the end of this summer. Compliments to Nana and Marios for the photos. Join us on 28 May at Troodos for an end of season hike https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/troodos-almyrolivado-2-hikes-sunday-28-may/

Majestic Waterfall and Views – 2 Hikes 13 May

A spectacular sight greeted the Strollers below the picturesque village of Platres on Saturday, 13 May. The Myllomeris waterfall is apparently the tallest in Cyprus with a 15 metre drop, and its effect on us was mesmerizing and awe-inspiring. Some Strollers stood on the bridge, others perched on rocks and tree trunks, but everyone’s eyes were riveted on the tumbling, sparkling iridescence falling into a clear pool below. There was such joy and energy in that body of water cascading down the rocks!
We eventually dragged ourselves away for our second stroll at Kampos Livadiou near Troodos. Here tall dark pines gave us welcome shade with occasional open views towards Morphou. It was a circular even path but tricky to find at times, however Xenophon, expert leader that he is, led us back to our cars and to yet another feast at a nearby taverna, where we enjoyed vegetarian, fish and meat dishes and, as ever, wonderful fellowship.

Compliments to Mary for the summary above, and to Kate, Nicos, Nicos and Marios for the photos. Join us on 21 May at Caledonian https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/troodos-kryos-potamos-caledonian-waterfall-pouziaris-trail-sunday-21-may/

Strollers on Snow – 5 March

Perhaps the hike of Sunday 5 March was the one which generated the broadest range of sentiments, in the history of the Cyprus Strollers. A very large group took the challenge of Atalanti on Troodos, hiking for long on snow, and courageously concluded the 9 km trail up to the exit to the paved road. Sentiments varied from the excitement of the snow-covered land, and the rare views, to the tension of coping with the slippery path. No one could have summed up the event better than Pamela, who put this in writing: ‘it was a true survival trip but hasn’t put me off of any further hikes; you are all a great club, thank you’. Compliments to George for leading the excursion, and to Teresa, Christine and Marios for the photos. Join us on 11 March at Kato Drys  https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/kato-drys-hike-sat-11-march/

crocus, defiant of snow

in consultation

To Life – Persephone hike 30 Oct.

A very large group of Strollers hiked the Persephone trail on Troodos, in sunny weather, on Sunday 30 October, undeterred by the Greek myth, as told by Homer, the great poet: about Persephone, daughter of Zeus and Demetra, goddess of agriculture, who was captured by Hades, ruler of the dead; Demetra fell into despair and the world entered a phase of bad crops and yields; disaster from the fields made Zeus intervene; Zeus and Hades negotiated a deal, whereby Persephone was allowed to spend 6 months on earth, these are the months of fertility, and then another 6 months in the world down below, these being autumn and winter, the seasons of poor land production. The Strollers lunch that followed the hike was a cheerful experience. Compliments to Laurent for leading this excursion and to Andrea, Koula, Alex, Marios and Ramzi for sharing their photos. Join us on 5 November along Pedieos gorge https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/pedieos-gorge-mahairas-monastery-walk-sat-5-nov/

front-persephonerearhiking-poles-and-hats  .terrain

slopes of abandoned asbestos mine

slopes of abandoned asbestos mine


Happy Young Strollers – Atalanti North 16 Oct.

A very large group of Young Strollers – kids, teenagers, young adults and young at heart – hiked the Atalanti North trail on Sunday 16 October, in good weather conditions, in a dense forest of black pine, and enjoyed the buffet lunch that followed. There were happy faces all around and throughout this excursion. Compliments to George for leading and to Amanda, Teresa, Christine and Alex for sharing their photos. Join us on Madari on 22 Oct. https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/madari-selladi-karamanli-doxa-si-o-theos-sat-22-oct/





A Charming Hike – Zoumi-Stavroulia, 8 Oct.

The Zoumi-Stavroulia hike on Troodos mountain, near Prodromos village was a revelation for Strollers on Saturday 8 October: the weather conditions were optimal, the views to the Marathasa valley villages captivating, the level of exercise just right, the forest dense with black pine, golden oak and the strawberry trees, which fascinated Brian and Lucas, our two youngest members, on account of their cherry-like fruit. Compliments to Christine, Koula and Dina for their photos. Join us on 16 Oct. on the Atalanti North trail.