Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and The Cyprus Strollers – Asinou Hike 27 Nov.

The hike of Sunday 27 November from Asinou to Agios Theodoros was like no other; the large group of Strollers, which included several newcomers, was flanked along the trail by a large group of boy scouts and girl scouts, on their weekend excursion in the countryside. The sight of young people in active life was very rewarding, particularly when one considers the avalanche of temptations youth is exposed to, which lure many to stay rooted in front of a computer game screen for leisure. Compliments to Zhinous, Dina, Mary and Kevin for sending photos and to Laurent for leading this outing. Join us on 3 Dec. in Limassol



Challenging and Rewarding Kapedes Hike 19 Nov.

The Kapedes – Agios Onoufrios hike of Saturday 19 November offered the challenges of steep uphill and downhill, as announced in advance. The group of Strollers enjoyed the exercise and the discovery of each person’s extra strength. Compliments to Christine and Koula for the photos. Join us on 27 Nov. at Asinou rearrear1looking-out-long-view-north

Sea Caves for All Ages – 13 Nov.

A very large group of Strollers, including many first timers, hiked along the Cape Greco coastline on Sunday 13 November. Importantly, we welcomed participants of literally all age segments, who enjoyed the magnificent Sea Caves, the sea views, the sunshine, the exercise and the picnic that followed. Compliments to Patricia for leading this outing and to Alex for the photos. Join us on 19 Nov. at Kapedes


Water of Hope – Pedieos Gorge Hike 5 Nov.

Living through a period of protracted drought, there was a sigh of relief on Saturday 5 November among all Strollers who saw and also heard the sound of water, little as it was, as we hiked along the gorge of Pedieos river. There were plenty of other excitements, turning this long hike into a much liked outing. Compliments to George for leading and to Marios, Dina and Koula for sending their photos. Join us on 13 Nov. at Cape Greco


Mahairas monastery

Mahairas monastery

Endemic cyclamen

Endemic cyclamen