Celebratıng our Forests – 17 March

Our excursion in the forest above Kapedes on Sunday 17 March produced a broad and inspired exchange of ideas and contributions from many Strollers, in celebration of the International Day of Forests (on 21 March). It was particularly touching to hear the poem recited by 12 year old Samruddhi, in English as well as in Greek, wonderfully on target, given this year’s theme of ‘Forests and Education’

A forest is a place, where peace is found in the flowers.

Where violence is lost in the air.

Where love is found in the leaves.

Where hatred is lost in the roots.

A forest is a place where a soul can forget about the world, and live its life.

Compliments to Koula, Nana, Maria and Stathis for sharing their photos. Join us on 23 March at Cape Greco https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/cape-greco-konnos-bay-23-march/


Admirable Flow of Pedieos – 3 Feb.

Following the unusually heavy rains of the past couple of months, the large group of Strollers along the gorge of Pedieos on Sunday 3 February marveled at the river flow, and the green landscape, which included flowering lavenders. Compliments to George for leading the outing and to Nana, Nicos, Stathis and Nicoletta for the photos. Join us on 9 Feb, at Galata https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/galata-kakopetria-9-feb/


Unique Cyprus Strollers – Prophitis Elias 25 March

No other club offers the unique blend of hiking with culture and fraternity that was once more evident in the excursion on the slopes of Mahairas and the dinner that followed on Sunday 25 March. Among the many thrills were the various flowers, with the abundance of lavender turning Mahairas into Lavender Hill; Clara’s gift reading about the legends explaining why the chapels of Prophitis Elias are almost always found on hill tops; and the rich meal which culminated with a serving of escargots, a true pièce de résistance. Compliments to Ian for leading this outing and to Maria and Clara for their photos. And what a rare pleasure to be able to feature a photo of our two regular photographers together smiling, below. Join us on 31 March at Lady’s Mile https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/ladys-mile-and-monastery-of-cats-in-akrotiri-salt-lake-31-march/ 

Rewarding Pedieos – 11 Feb.

The beauty and impressiveness of the Pedieos gorge was not eclipsed on Sunday 11 February by a rather dull, mostly cloudy weather. A large group of Strollers set off to enjoy the abundant waters of the Pedieos river, winding its way down from the Mahairas mountains. We delighted in the naturally hewn rocks of the gorge and the pretty Ragged Robin purple flowers. After an uphill path we reached the Afxentiou hide out and some minutes later the Mahairas Monastery where we rested and had our picnic. Strollers, as always, shared their sandwiches, fruit and treats, before setting off for the return to the start point. This was another demanding but worthwhile hike in the beautiful and already spring-like countryside of Cyprus. Compliments to Patrick for leading the outing and writing this summary, and to Clara for the photos. Join us on 17 Feb. at Delikipos https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/delikipos-hike-17-feb/

International Mountain Day Celebration – Kapedes 10 Dec.

A truly international group, including new friends from Japan, Egypt and Syria, gathered for the hike to Agios Onoufrios on the Mahairas mountains. And what a fitting celebration of International Mountain Day this was!

As Xenophon reminded us mountains are under threat. He informed us of a global meeting in Rome taking place this week to consider the problem, and of our response and responsibilities to the sustainability of mountains.

There are no easy solutions. Yet our being on this hike and similar walks, enjoying the fresh air and the centuries-old trees, marvelling at the fecundity of nature, its abundance of plant and animal life, is in itself a way of ensuring sustainability. The more we love the mountains and the more time we spend in them, the more we are likely to protect them.

We delighted in the views of mountain peaks, autumnal colours, in finding wild mushrooms and mosfila. We were also saddened to see discarded plastic rubbish and hunters’ cartridges.

Our small international group at least is fully aware of the benefits and challenges. Mountains live long after us. Let’s continue to treasure them and do our part to preserve them. A small first step is to get out there, rejoice and be uplifted by their unrivalled beauty and majesty. Compliments to Mary for this write-up, and to Patrick and Clara for the photos. Join us on 16 Dec. at Pedieos https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/pedieos-river-banks-walk-16-dec/.

pine tree bowing


Flowers Allover – Fikardou 7 May

A feast of flowers adorned the path of the Cyprus Strollers on the hike from Fikardou to Lazanias and then Mahairas, on Sunday 7 May. With the sun shining throughout, and temperatures higher than desired, participants displayed their best spirit and stamina and were rewarded with views of a beautiful landscape, the well preserved roofs of the houses in the two villages and a superb meal at the end. Compliments to Laurent for leading this outing and to Nana and Kate for the photos. Join us on 13 May on Troodos https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/troodos-platres-myllomeris-waterfall-and-kampos-livadiou-two-trails-sat-13-may/

cow’s parsley

rock rose purple flowers

rock rose white flowers

wild garlic

Mahairas monastery

Two Peaks and One Cave – 8 April Hike

A cloudy sky and a gentle wind, which prevented precipitation, contributed to the enjoyment of two hikes on the south slopes of Mahairas, on Saturday 8 April. The club wishes you a Happy Easter. Join us on 23 April at Platania https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/platania-kyperounda-doxa-si-o-theos-sunday-23-april/

Mahairas Mountains in all their Springtime Glory: Prophitis Elias Hike – 25 March

We set off from the abandoned, wistful-looking monastery climbing up along the winding ridge towards Kionia, through a riot of wild flowers and panoramic views. The clear day presented us with beautiful open vistas of pine covered slopes, angular rock formations and distant views of the sea. The higher we climbed, the more impressive became the jagged rocks with their clumps of delicate, purple Arabis Purpurea flowers, known by the more romantic name of Tears of Jesus’s Mother. During our hike we moved from bright sunlight to dappled shade, from Golden Oaks glistening in the sun, to the stillness of the forest where tall pines spread their aromatic scent and whispered in the gentle breeze. The last couple of kilometers downhill were more challenging but we eventually sat down to a veritable feast at Steki tou Marinou to enjoy home-cooked starters, delicious vegetables and fish and, more importantly, very convivial company. The red wine flowed and Xenophon called upon a number of the group to say a few words to capture the highlights of the day. All Strollers cheered Ian, our very capable leader on this rather tough, yet most enjoyable hike. Compliments to Mary for this write-up and to Christine, Marios and Patrick for the photos. Join us on 2 April on Pitsilia https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/pitsilia-stavros-tou-agiasmati-panagia-tou-araka-linear-trail-sunday-2-april/.

Challenging and Rewarding Kapedes Hike 19 Nov.

The Kapedes – Agios Onoufrios hike of Saturday 19 November offered the challenges of steep uphill and downhill, as announced in advance. The group of Strollers enjoyed the exercise and the discovery of each person’s extra strength. Compliments to Christine and Koula for the photos. Join us on 27 Nov. at Asinou https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/adelphi-forest-walk-panagia-tis-asinou-agios-theodoros-sunday-27-nov/ rearrear1looking-out-long-view-north

Water of Hope – Pedieos Gorge Hike 5 Nov.

Living through a period of protracted drought, there was a sigh of relief on Saturday 5 November among all Strollers who saw and also heard the sound of water, little as it was, as we hiked along the gorge of Pedieos river. There were plenty of other excitements, turning this long hike into a much liked outing. Compliments to George for leading and to Marios, Dina and Koula for sending their photos. Join us on 13 Nov. at Cape Greco https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/cape-greco-sea-caves-trail-sunday-13-november/


Mahairas monastery

Mahairas monastery

Endemic cyclamen

Endemic cyclamen