Celebratıng our Forests – 17 March

Our excursion in the forest above Kapedes on Sunday 17 March produced a broad and inspired exchange of ideas and contributions from many Strollers, in celebration of the International Day of Forests (on 21 March). It was particularly touching to hear the poem recited by 12 year old Samruddhi, in English as well as in Greek, wonderfully on target, given this year’s theme of ‘Forests and Education’

A forest is a place, where peace is found in the flowers.

Where violence is lost in the air.

Where love is found in the leaves.

Where hatred is lost in the roots.

A forest is a place where a soul can forget about the world, and live its life.

Compliments to Koula, Nana, Maria and Stathis for sharing their photos. Join us on 23 March at Cape Greco https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/cape-greco-konnos-bay-23-march/



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