Sweet November: All the Delight of Living in Cyprus – 24 Nov.

Seldom does one get a day so bright and unwindy in November by the sea, as The Cyprus Strollers enjoyed on Saturday 24 November, hiking for four hours along the coast at Petra tou Romiou. Perhaps this is our consolation, for not being able to hike over the four hot summer months. Compliments to Dimitris, Koula and Stathis for sending photos. Join us on 2 December at Kato Drys https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/kato-drys-2-dec/


Ian’s Lofou – 18 Nov.

A very large group of Strollers, including several newcomers, accepted Ian’s invitation and explored the treasures of Lofou and Silikou villages, both natural and cultural. Highlights included the restored water troughs where the village women used to wash clothes, and a visit to a commandaria wine place. Compliments to Ian for leading the outing and to Stathis for the photos. Join us on 24 Nov. at Petra Romiou https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/petra-romiou-24-nov/

Meal to Remember – 10 Nov.

The hike at Platania on Saturday 10 November took us into a beautiful forest, along a dirt road. The road was cut-off to vehicles at two points, owing to erosion from past heavy rainfall. The colours of autumn interchanged with the green of pine trees, and the red fruit of the ivy and strawberry trees. The meal that capped the day was a superb parade of dishes, at the club’s taverna of choice, in Kakopetria. Compliments to Stathis for the photos. Join us on 18 Nov at Lofou https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/lofou-hike-sunday-18-nov/

Thoroughly Enjoyed – 4 Nov.

Should we attribute it to pure chance? Or was it one further proof of the paradox in life, which tells that people enjoy most those things asking for our patience and perseverance? Indeed, the dedicated party of Strollers, who accepted the organizational challenges of the excursion to Stavros Agiasmati and Panagia Araka, beamed the maximum of enjoyment throughout the hike, the fruit picking, the driving, the waiting and the meal.

This outing will cling to memory for one more fact: the presence of teams of Teacher-Student, a remarkable display of loyalty to the club from Nana and George! Compliments to Taline, Maria, Daniela and Nana for their photos. Join us on 10 Nov. at Platania https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/kakopetria-agios-nicolaos-platania-10-nov/

Teacher Nana Students Stefano Marine Ulash

Teacher George Student Deborah