18th Season concluded in Style – Platania 28 May

The unparalleled spirit that characterizes members of The Cyprus Strollers shined throughout the hike, the lunch and the generous exchanges between us. Xenophon feels very proud and thankful for every participant’s contribution at the season finale at Platania on 28 May: without you, this Club wouldn’t be a sustainable proposition for 18 consecutive seasons. Compliments to Anna, Maria, Chryso and Andri for the photos.


Joyful twin hikes – 20 May

A cheerful blend of regular Strollers and newcomers hiked one circular and one linear hike at Kampos Livadiou in optimal weather conditions, and thoroughly enjoyed the conversations and the lunch, which capped the day. Compliments to Chryso for the photos. Join us for the season finale celebration on 28 May https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/platania-agios-nicolaos-28-may/

Gaiety after a Long Hike – Atalanti 14 May

A bright gathering of Strollers hiked the 14 km of the longest trail on Troodos in good spirits on 14 May, heard cuckoos singing and had a wonderful time over lunch. Compliments to Chrysa and Eleni for the photos. Join us next on the penultimate hike of this season https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/kampos-livadiou-mnimata-piskopon-kampos-livadiou-circle-20-may/

Jewel on the crown – Platys 6 May

The hike of 6 May, a 1st time destination for the Club in its 9 years, was a marvelous experience, viewed on several grounds: for the landscape, in a thick forest along the banks of a river; for the weather, optimal cloudy throughout; for the calibre of participants, who defied forecasts of thunderstorms; for the cheerful welcome of 2 members arriving late, in a hitched car; and for the rich meal that followed hiking, combined with joyful conversations. In alignment with the spirit of the day, which saw the coronation of the King of Britain, this event surely counts as a jewel on the crown of accomplishments of the Cyprus Strollers. Compliments to Antonis for leading the activity and to Chrysa, Eleni, Anna and Maria for the photos. The Club sends Giannis, who is leaving Cyprus, best wishes on his next endeavor. Join us on 14 May https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/troodos-atalanti-14-may/  

A conversation with nature – Prodromos forest 30 April

Neither the possibility of rain, nor the hailstorms the day before – and therefore expected muddy terrain – and not even the long holiday weekend deterred a large group of Strollers from today’s outing in the mountains around the Prodromos dam. The 13km route entirely along quiet dirt roads in the forest was more of a walk than a hike. As such, it was an invitation to chat with fellow Strollers, observe trees and bushes, soak up the high-altitude views or simply walk in silence and let the forest do the talking. And although the clouds gradually got thicker and darker, they provided cool temperatures but thankfully no rain. As usual, the walk ended with the rich spread in the local taverna, and plans to meet up again next weekend here https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/platys-valley-6-may/ Compliments to Maria, Anna and Nicos for the photos, and to Dina for this summary.

Madari extravaganza 22 April

This Club succeeded in executing in parallel one circular and one linear hike on Madari on 22 April. No wonder, the day attracted Club regulars, newcomers, as well as people in Cyprus for a short stay; all blended joyfully around the rich lunch, which was a deserved treat for all the effort. Compliments to Antonis and Anna for the photos. Join us next here https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/prodromos-dam-tremithos-30-april/

Visit with us Epitaphios in Old Nicosia Churches

At 15:30 hours, in front of Chrysaliniotissa garden (http://tinyurl.com/nma87ea), on Orthodox Good Friday 14 April, we set off to visit and venerate the Epitaphios in 8 churches in Nicosia Within the Walls. No need for registrations. E-mail Xenophon if you need more detail.

Our hike on Saturday 8 April was along one of those routes that had it all. The first part – all uphill with quite a few strenuous steps – took us to the most popular waterfall in Cyprus, then through the dense and enchanting forest, crossing a stream at several points. This was the time to watch your step, breathe in the fresh forest air, connect with nature, and at some points feel the burn in your legs. At the top end of the Caledonia trail, we shifted to the Pouziaris trail, the perfect counterbalance. Mostly wide dirt roads led us downhill easily, offering some amazing views of the land and villages below. The gentle terrain was an invitation to walk side by side, chat with fellow Strollers… and start thinking of the nice lunch that awaited us at the end of this multifaceted hiking experience. As always, abundant food, drink and conversation mixed well in our group of many nations, ages and languages, making this a wonderful get together before the Easter break. Compliments to Dina for this lovely summary.

Repertoire of impressions – 2 April

The hikes of 2 April at Gerakies and the stream of Moutoullas offered a broad repertoire of views to a gathering of Strollers of eight different nationalities. The conversations around lunch extended from very modern to ancient themes, with everyone taking part, so that we all felt enriched with impressions to take us through the week. Until our next meeting here https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/kryos-potamos-caledonian-waterfall-pouziaris-8-april/. Compliments to Eleni and Paola for the photos.

Hike of 5 Senses – 26 March

A cheerful gathering for the hike up and down Adelphi forest on 26 March was a rich experience of all senses, epitomized by the singing of birds and the croaking of frogs in a pond, as well as the smelling of the curry flavor produced while rubbing the Everlasting (Helichrysum italica) bush, traced at several spots along our path. Coincidentally, the meal that capped the day included a dish with curry. Compliments to Anna for the photos. Join us next here https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/gerakies-and-moutoullas-2-hikes-2-april/

Trust in the Club – Kapedes 19 March

In its 9 years of operation, this Club has experienced many instances of expression of trust by its members. What happened on 19 March on the hike to Agios Onoufrios is a marvelous case. The weather forecast was calling for thunderstorms at 90 % probability. Consequently, the Club issued its action plan for risk management, and turnout was impressive. All participants enjoyed thoroughly both the hike and lunch. Compliments to Nicos for leading the day and to Antonis for the photos. Join us next here https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/panagia-asinou-agios-theodoros-26-march/