Troodos Prodromos Excellent Stroll 23 May

This penultimate stroll for the season, on 23 May on Troodos Prodromos, was extremely rewarding, in terms of exercise, scenery, the forest of pine and golden oak, companionship and the meal at the taverna. Some clouds and the density of the forest ensured that the sun was manageable. Strollers were further rewarded with views of a few Limodorum abortivum plants, a rare orchid that can disappear for several years during periods of drought, and then it reappears when conditions become more favourable ( Compliments to Barbara, our Botany expert and member of the Athens Strollers, for identifying the orchid species. Compliments to Marina and Amanda for the photos.

Prodromos1-23May15 Prodromos-23May15 Prodromos7-tall-pine-trees Orchid-or-Asparagus-flower


Hot Strollers climb on Mahairas Kakokefalos 17 May

On a hot Sunday, a brave group of Cyprus Strollers climbed from Mandra tou Kampiou to Kakokefalos summit and back. Even though the entire hike was in the forest of Mahairas, much of the trail was exposed to the sun, and there was not a single cloud. In terms of flowers, there was an abundance of rock rose (xistarka) and also several lavenders (lavandula, known in Cyprus as myrophora). Compliments to Despina, Alex and George for the photos.Mahairas-17May15-lighter

Mahairas2-lighterRock-rose-xistarka-Mahairas-May15Lavender-Lavandula-myrophora-Mahairas-May15 Mahairas1

A Delightful Hike on Troodos Atalanti, 9 May

The Cyprus Strollers are proud of their international outlook and appeal. Strollers from 7 nationalities and 3 continents shaped the wonderful group of Cyprus Strollers on Saturday 9 May. We hiked the 14 km of Atalanti trail on Troodos in ideal weather conditions, in the forest made up mainly of cedar, juniper and pine trees, and one Tree-trunk-unusual very unusual and healthy pine tree formation.Atalanti1







Strollers 1st hike in Marathasa, 3 May

On Sunday 3 May the Cyprus Strollers conducted their first ever hike in the Marathasa area. The trail took place on the hills above the village of Gerakies, famous for its production of the local sweet soutzioukkos, made from grape juice and almonds. We climbed as high as 1100 m altitude and concluded with a picnic at Xerargaka picnic site. Apart from the usual pleasures, we encountered a chameleon and passed by almond trees bearing their fresh fruit. Compliments to Amanda, Despina and Alex for the photos.



IMG_5778Chameleon IMG_5799