Troodos Prodromos Excellent Stroll 23 May

This penultimate stroll for the season, on 23 May on Troodos Prodromos, was extremely rewarding, in terms of exercise, scenery, the forest of pine and golden oak, companionship and the meal at the taverna. Some clouds and the density of the forest ensured that the sun was manageable. Strollers were further rewarded with views of a few Limodorum abortivum plants, a rare orchid that can disappear for several years during periods of drought, and then it reappears when conditions become more favourable ( Compliments to Barbara, our Botany expert and member of the Athens Strollers, for identifying the orchid species. Compliments to Marina and Amanda for the photos.

Prodromos1-23May15 Prodromos-23May15 Prodromos7-tall-pine-trees Orchid-or-Asparagus-flower


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