Hiking Made Pleasant is Back

Dear Strollers,

Hello. If a few have been considering the 4 months’ hiatus of the Club rather long, this summer’s excessive and prolonged heatwaves have provided a strong explanation; as well as one further tangible evidence of Responsible Hiking.

Join us on 4 October for the start of season 13. Over the first 12 productive seasons we have achieved

  • 185 hiking events
  • Covering 1800 km
  • Over 575 hours.

Please visit the Activities Schedule section on https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-schedule/, to view, download and study the program of weekly hiking activities for October, November and December 2020. For any activity that catches your attention, please visit the Activities Description section on https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/ to view, download and read a complete set of instructions.

Lots of new and exciting things are happening, and here are a few highlights:

  • There are 12 excursions scheduled
  • of these, 4 are NEW
  • There are 5 different Walk Leaders, who are responsible for leading the Cyprus Strollers on these 12 activities; this represents a great accomplishment, and is a clear sign of the true hiking spirit, a spirit of togetherness, sharing and giving
  • please join me in welcoming for the first time Antonis, while welcoming back Gunnar, Nicos and Angelos, the Walk Leaders, alongside Xenophon
  • We start at high altitudes in October, in anticipation of warmer weather, and move to lower altitudes in December, when cold and rain are more likely.

The thrust of covid-19 upon our lives is, inevitably, affecting our Club, as well. The following are a few of the changes brought about, together with a few clarifications:

  • To provide you with maximum safety vis-à-vis covid-19, and in order to have maximum traceability, we require every participant to register, irrespective of your participation at lunch or not
  • why are we enforcing registration for each participant? Imagine, God forbid, if one participant tests covid-positive, and the authorities descend on me, asking the names of every other participant, as the protocol for traceability demands, for your protection, and I were to reply vaguely
  • New members are especially welcome, as this Club has built a tradition for hospitality; yet if you are new to the club or have not applied for membership so far, you must provide your name, surname, e-mail and mobile telephone number in corresponding
  • To register for any specific event, the safest method is for a member to send the Organizer an e-mail, based on the instructions published in the corresponding Activities Description page. Please do not expect a mid-week e-mail, as has been the tradition for years. E-mails only serve as a reminder and they may or may not get to you, as an effort is made to prune them
  • In short, do not wait to receive an e-mail, please visit the website once a week, get the info and send in your e-mail to register
  • in the unlikely situation that an event is canceled, the only means of secure communication is to visit the website, before leaving home

Furthermore, some things remain unchanged, and characterize the Cyprus Strollers as a unique hiking club; among them:

  • Commitment to first-class planning and organization
  • Excursions alternate between Saturdays and Sundays, thus appealing to more people
  • Dedicated website, fully informed, well in advance, in English
  • Our caring, multinational character; we are open to Strollers of any nationality, both permanent residents, as well as visitors to the island
  • Shared passion for hiking and enjoying the Cyprus countryside, in pleasant company
  • Well-chosen tavernas, serving us very good value meals at reasonable prices, because we honour them with our loyalty.

The Cyprus Strollers are committed to “Hiking made Pleasant”, our slogan. Please help us to carry on delivering on this promise, with your valuable contribution.

Thank you and enjoy the walks in store. Xenophon