Wonderful Trio to Kyparissia – 18 Nov.

Ian as walk leader, flankered by Jackie and Deborah, led the Strollers up and down the hill of Kyparissia on Saturday 18 November, and offered all a wonderful experience. Join us on 26 Nov. on Madari https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/madari-teisia-circular-walk-26-nov/


Hike with a Bonus – 12 Nov. Artemis

The largest gathering of Strollers since 29 January, participated in the excursion to Troodos on Sunday 12 November. Artemis is the highest trail in Cyprus, the day was bright and the walk leader delivered on his promise to add a bonus to the hike when, with about one kilometre left from finish, he led a large group up a quite steep slope, thus reaching the big ball at the radar on Hionistra, which is the point with the highest altitude on the island. Compliments to Christos for leading this outing and to Christine and Clara for the photos. Join us on 18 Nov. at Kyparissia https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/kyparissia-nature-trail-18-nov/.

view from highest point


steps away from highest point

twisted dead tree trunk

A Special Day for Yiannis – Kato Drys Hike 4 Nov.

A large group of Strollers, of all ages, regular members and newcomers, turned up on Saturday 4 November, under fully sunny weather. The venue was Kato Drys, the hike was along dirt roads surrounding the village fields, and the host and walk leader was Yiannis, a native of Kato Drys, in his splendid conversational best. We climbed up and down, stopped at 2 small churches, and marveled at the several viewpoints. Compliments to Christine and Koula for the photos. Join us on 12 Nov. at Troodos https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/troodos-artemis-walk-12-november/

Walk Leader answering a question from Maria

Lefkara from above

Resourcefulness, Adaptability and Caring: this Club’s Spirit in Full Display on 28-29 Oct.

The weather forecast for 29 October called for thunderstorms at Kyparissia, our scheduled venue. Ian as Walk Leader, assisted by Jackie, Deborah and the Club Organizer invested time and effort, searched for solutions and supporting reasoning, and came up with an alternative plan. The new venue was Stavrovouni, the mountain with the Monastery housing part of the Holy Cross of Christianity. The plan was expertly communicated on time, and the attendance was brilliant. And, as if by miracle, the hike was conducted entirely in dry weather. Join us on 4 Nov. at Kato Drys https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/kato-drys-hike-4-nov/

The venue for the club hike of Sunday 29 Oct. changes to Stavrovouni

Alert to all Strollers. Due to the weather forecast for Sunday 29 October the Walk Leader, in consultation with the Club Organizer, has decided to abandon the scheduled excursion to Kyparissia. In its place, the club plans to hike tomorrow at Stavrovouni, and invites all to participate. We set off for the car drive from the Handicrafrs Centre at 9:45 am. We aim to start hiking at 10:45 am. Read the detailed instructions for Stavrovouni in the Activities Description section. Read a forecast for the weather expected north of Stavrovouni here https://weather.com/weather/hourbyhour/l/CYXX0662:1:CY. Read a forecast for the weather expected south of Stavrovouni here https://weather.com/weather/hourbyhour/l/CYXX0629:1:CY. In short, at time of writing, the hourly weather forecast is “mostly sunny/ partly cloudy”, with probability of precipitation 0%, becoming 10-15% at 2 pm. If you have registered for Kyparissia and would like to abstain from Stavrovouni, please feel free to do so, sending an sms to the Club Organizer. If you had planned to abstain from Kyparissia and wish to join us at Stavrovouni, feel welcome, sending an sms to the Club Organizer. Lunch after the Stavrovouni hike will be at a taverna we have visited and appreciated on previous occasions.

Defying Strollers – Platania 21 Oct.

Multiple rewards were in store for the Strollers who defied the toughness of the path and accepted the logistics of the 21 October hike from Agios Nicolaos to Platania. The scenery, the panoramic views east and north, to the bay of Morphou, on an unprecedentedly clear day, the rich forest in its autumn colours, a rare sighting of the beautiful red fruit of poison ivy. A chameleon trapped on the paved road, and Xenophon who helped it cross to a safe place. A wonderful lunch and lots of fun at the table. Compliments to George and Clara for the photos. Join us on 29 Oct. at Kyparissia  https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/kyparissia-nature-trail-29-oct/

Variety is the spice of hikes

Atalanti North, a section of the 14km circular Atalanti trail, was the Cyprus Strollers’ choice for October 15. Over 40 Strollers (and two dogs) gathered at Troodos square and walked anti-clockwise just under 5km and back, for 9.5km worth of Troodos mountain rambling.

The route was a formula for stroller satisfaction – not too long, but not too short, not too steep and not too flat. But make no mistake: while it could be labeled as a one-size-fits-all trail, Atalanti North is far from monotonous. Gentle ups and downs took us through shady forest patches, as well as under the open skies or along sun-dappled paths, some smooth and wide, others bumpy and narrow.

This is a terrain that tells many silent stories. Moss covered tree trunks give evidence of the clean air. Hanging branches report the snowfall of many winters. Rock formations that burst out of nowhere are the stuff of geologists’ dreams. But you need absolutely no science to delight in the carpets of pine cones, the colours of wild apple trees and the therapeutic views to the summit of Olympus or the valleys below. And if it were possible to look into the Strollers’ minds, chances are, many were flirting with plans to complete the longer, but equally smooth and satisfying full Atalanti circle.

The variety then shifted from the trail to the table with a buffet lunch to end the hike and announce the next one. Compliments to Dina for creating this summary and to Koula, Nana and Clara for the photos. Join us on 21 Oct. at Kakopetria https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/kakopetria-agios-nicolaos-platania-hike-21-oct/

bed of fallen pine cones

autumn colours