Vasilopitta United – 14 Jan.

A very large group of Strollers, from countries so diverse as India, Japan, Lebanon, Canada, USA, Poland, Romania, Scotland, Ireland, England, Greece and Cyprus, combined hiking with poetry at Lythrodontas on Sunday 14 January, and welcomed the new year and our new season of strolling, in style, with the cutting and sharing of Vasilopitta. Compliments to Clara for her generous offer of Vasilopitta, as well as the gift of a book of poems by Constantine Cavafy, which was won by Stavros. Best wishes to the lucky man and to all for your patience at dinner! Compliments to Maria and Antonia for the photos. Join us on 20 Jan. at Cape Greco


To Hike and Hike – a Wonderful New Year’s Resolution – Selladi 7 Jan.

A large group of Strollers, many newcomers among us, gathered at Selladi Karamanli on Sunday 7 January, determined to hike and hike and hike with their favourite club in 2018; can you think of a healthier new year’s resolution? Compliments to Clara for the photos. Join us on 14 Jan. in Lythrodontas

Terraces formation on slope