Oroklini sands – 28 Jan.

On Sunday 28 January, under blue skies, the Cyprus Strollers met again for the quintessential strolling experience along the coast of Oroklini, east of Larnaca. The sea, sand and sun delivered the Cyprus component, while the flat terrain was practically created for Strollers. The 4km waterfront section offered the group an 8km-long roundtrip opportunity to rest their eyes on the calm sea, and to admire touching expressions of nature from the community of seagulls, to scattered shells and a rare splash of fiery flowers on the beach. The comfortable route lent itself to conversation, as new Strollers were introduced to regulars, and friends chatted and caught up on one another’s news, snapping photos along the way. A fish and seafood meal at a nearby restaurant concluded this sea-focused day. Compliments to Maria for leading this outing, to Dina for composing this summary and to Nana, Ramzi and Nicos for the photos.

With activities like this, the Cyprus Strollers make a clear statement: this is a club for everyone, kids included, as every season’s schedule includes a few easy walks that allow the young or untrained participants to join the group and gradually ‘mature’ into enthusiastic mountain hikers. Join us on 3 Feb. at Palekhori https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/palekhori-appis-trail-3-feb/



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