Thrills at Akapnou – 23 Feb.

Jackie’s and Deborah’s hike at Akapnou offered Strollers many thrills. We welcomed several newcomers, among them students from abroad on a semester in Cyprus; we hiked on dirt roads and on tarmac; we crossed streams and enjoyed the sight of a small waterfall, a consequence of the rainy season; we visited a venetian bridge and a few churches; walked past flowering lavenders and purple rock cress; experienced a 15-min shower and then ample sunshine. But what shone most was the example of a few members who chose to retreat at the onset of the shower, yet lingered around and showed up at the lunch, to which they had committed! Compliments to Nicoletta and Thalis for the photos. Join us on 3 Feb. at Delikipos


Invigorating Water at Xyliatos – 17 Feb.

The excursion to Xyliatos on Sunday 17 Feb. was a multi-faceted display of the invigorating power of water. Despite the ominous weather warnings, a wonderful large number of Strollers, among us a few first timers, carrying proper rain wear, turned up cheerful; one could say we had come close to becoming lovers of the rain. Yet, miraculously, there was no rain, and that helped. It helped us take notice of a humble stream (named ’tis elias’) to our right, which this time had a good flow; it helped our passionate fb photographer climb rocks for some shots; it helped us even accept an unlikely leader for part of the walk; and it helped Satu fill-up two bags of shopping. The dam at Xyliatos, which on 27 Jan. was less than half full, now was overflowing. The meal was a rewarding experience and as if all this was not enough, we offered ourselves the after-lunch bonus of a visit to a mine lake, a five-minute drive from Ochtos taverna. Compliments to Sevag and Nicoletta for the photos. Join us on 23 Feb at Akapnou


Tranquilizing Waters of Clarios – 9 Feb.

The stroll of Saturday 9 February offered lasting impressions to participants; the visit and expert guide description of the interiors of the 16 c. Podithou church and Archangelos church in Galata; footpaths with overgrown vegetation, thanks to the abundant rainfalls; the walk on the cobbled roads of Old Kakopetria; the waters of Clarios river which, even though running forcefully, had such a tranquilizing effect on us all. Compliments to Nana, Thalis and Stathis for sending photos. Join us on 17 Feb. at Xyliatos

Admirable Flow of Pedieos – 3 Feb.

Following the unusually heavy rains of the past couple of months, the large group of Strollers along the gorge of Pedieos on Sunday 3 February marveled at the river flow, and the green landscape, which included flowering lavenders. Compliments to George for leading the outing and to Nana, Nicos, Stathis and Nicoletta for the photos. Join us on 9 Feb, at Galata