Invigorating Water at Xyliatos – 17 Feb.

The excursion to Xyliatos on Sunday 17 Feb. was a multi-faceted display of the invigorating power of water. Despite the ominous weather warnings, a wonderful large number of Strollers, among us a few first timers, carrying proper rain wear, turned up cheerful; one could say we had come close to becoming lovers of the rain. Yet, miraculously, there was no rain, and that helped. It helped us take notice of a humble stream (named ’tis elias’) to our right, which this time had a good flow; it helped our passionate fb photographer climb rocks for some shots; it helped us even accept an unlikely leader for part of the walk; and it helped Satu fill-up two bags of shopping. The dam at Xyliatos, which on 27 Jan. was less than half full, now was overflowing. The meal was a rewarding experience and as if all this was not enough, we offered ourselves the after-lunch bonus of a visit to a mine lake, a five-minute drive from Ochtos taverna. Compliments to Sevag and Nicoletta for the photos. Join us on 23 Feb at Akapnou



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