Newcomers and Existing Members and all together 10 – Madari Selladi 30 May

The club was delighted on Saturday 30 May to have welcomed 3 new members, who took the decision over the lockdown to experience The Cyprus Strollers! The combination of 2 hikes on Selladi Karamanli took place under optimal weather conditions, and participants quickly blended into one team, with existing members extending warm hospitality to the newcomers. The meal which followed was a very rewarding treat, served with strict observance of the hygiene code at Fountoukia taverna.

Two Clubs with 10 participants each – Almyrolivado 23 May

Following a 9-weeks shutdown, it was very encouraging to observe not only The Cyprus Strollers, but also one other well-run hiking club, each with just 10 participants, hiking at Almyrolivado on 23 May. Both clubs respected the government imposed limit of 10 and set off at a 15-min distance from one another. The hike and picnic experience was cheerful and enriching.

Be Nice to Each Other – Trimiklini 14 March

Amid the widespread fear of covid-19 we had a surprisingly large turnout for the hike at Trimiklini on 14 March. Just another vote of trust in the Cyprus Strollers, the only hiking club on the island bringing you a firm schedule of weekly hiking activities committed months in advance, a dedicated website, a high sense of responsibility and an international members list combined. Thank you to all. Rewards were plentiful, among them the spotting of the quite rare lilac anemone. Discussions not surprisingly centered around the virus threat and measures announced. Reassuringly, the parting message was drawn from Mr. & Mrs., a popular TV series of a few decades ago, which closed every week with the same urge: Be Nice to Each Other. Compliments to Britt and Dimitris for leading this successful outing. Compliments also to Anna, Maria and Stathis for the photos. Join us on 22 March alongside Pedieos Gorge, for which the club is enforcing a strict procedure of pre-registration and approvals, in response to the virus threat

Treasures of Faith and Wealth of Water – Galata 8 March

A very large gathering of Strollers of over ten nationalities, including new members, on Sunday 8 March, experienced two so popular places, Galata and Kakopetria, in a way that no tourist visit could achieve. Inside the churches on the World Heritage list the story telling unfolded precious icons and scenes of faith. While hiking along the banks of the river revealed beauty as natural as it can be. Compliments to Anna, Nana, Antonis, Stathis and Panayiotis for the photos. Join us on 14 March at Trimiklini

A Most Romantic Spot – Moutoullas 1 March

The club’s decision to move the two hikes at Gerakies and Moutoullas from Saturday (forecast with all-day rain) to Sunday ought not make anyone feel smart; it was simply fortuitous; as it turned out, the day was sunny and dry; but there was a flip side to our luck, because our taverna of choice could not accommodate us on the Sunday and we had to compromise with another venue; which proved below the standards you have come to expect and enjoy with the club. Notwithstanding the dining experience, we all agreed to return to base holding on to the very romantic impressions we experienced at the short stroll around the waters of Moutoullas; which one justly called a corner of paradise. Compliments to all diners for your understanding. Compliments to Nicoletta, Maria, Nana and Antonis for the photos. Join us on 8 March at Galata

Strollers Oozing Vitality – Kapedes 23 Feb.

All Strollers at Kapedes on Sunday 23 February contributed their remarkable determination to take maximum benefit from the activity. Consequently all blended into an energetic ensemble, members from ten different countries of origin, enjoying the scenery, the stream flowing, the early blossoms of the almond trees, the exercise, the weather and the well-deserved buffet lunch. Compliments to Stathis, Anna and Panayiotis for the photos. Join us on 29 Feb at Marathasa valley

Allure of the Coast – 15 Feb.

A very large gathering of Strollers hiked along the coast at Governor’s on Saturday 15 February in dry, albeit windy conditions, proving the allure of the sea, even if rough. Compliments to Stathis for leading this outing and to George for the photos. Join us on 23 Feb. on Mahairas

Display of Bonnets – Platania 9 Feb.

Strollers at Platania on Sunday 9 February were entertained to several delights. Among them, the snow on the sides of the dirt road and on the slopes, which made familiar nature views look unfamiliar; a hike along a road which offered safe exercise; the welcoming of students, in Cyprus for one semester, choosing the captivating practice of getting to know a new place on foot. Participants stole the show, however, on account of the magnificent array of bonnets worn, to protect from the near-zero temperatures; the dash of romanticism as seen by the writing on snow; and the high spirits and camaraderie over lunch. Compliments to Anna, Antonis and Panayiotis for the photos. Join us on 15 Feb for a coastal hike

New Ponds at Asinou – 1 Feb.

A very large gathering enjoyed the sunny winter day and a stroll at Adelphi forest with many thrills; among them, a couple of ponds which have been created, on account of the strong rainfall of January. Compliments to George for leading this outing and to Antonis for the photos. Join us on 9 Feb at Platania

Discovery of Sia – 26 Jan.

A very large and multi cultural group of Strollers, including several first timers discovered the hills of Sia on Sunday 26 January. Many participated at the lunch and surprises that followed, doubling their pleasure. Compliments to Stathis, Panayiotis, Mikela and Nana for the photos. Compliments also to the young contingent of litter pickers. Join us on Feb 1 at Asinou