Daft weather, no complaints

A large gathering of Cyprus Strollers rose beyond the daft weather forecasts and took the challenge of a double bill of hikes at Amiantos on 31 October. It turned out that the forecast of the day before, of a very rainy day, resulted in each of us packing the boot of our car with a full set of rain gear; only for it to remain there. Participants thoroughly enjoyed the day, and the only water we came across, in the river stream of Loumata Aeton. Compliments to Antonis for leading this excursion and to Yulia, Sevag and Anna for the photos. Join us on 6 Nov. at Panagia Araka https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/panagia-araka-kourtellorotsos-6-nov/

Beyond Confines – Pouziaris 23 Oct.

The hike on Troodos on 23 October took place on a very clear day, with a wonderful view down along the Limassol coastline and the Akrotiri salt lake. The sentiments among a varied group of members from several backgrounds was that we were spending a day beyond confines: free in nature, far from the limits of city life. The type of outing one deserves after a week of routines and chores. Compliments to Anna and Alex for the photos. Join us on 31 Oct. on Amiantos https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/amiantos-and-loumata-aeton-2-hikes-31-oct/

Reflections on hardships – Spilia 17 Oct.

The hike of 17 October encompassed visits to hideouts of guerilla fighters of the 1955-59 struggle for independence, in Adelphi forest. Our minds traveled to the hardships suffered by brave young adults over sixty years back, hiding in mountains with sparse comforts. A comparison with present conditions was almost inevitable. The club welcomed newcomers, who helped create a spirited mood throughout the hike and the rich lunch that followed. Compliments to Demetris and Costas for the photos. Join us on 23 Oct. on Troodos https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/pouziaris-troodos-23-oct/

Dense forest of Black Pine – 9 Oct.

The peculiarity of the hike on Prodromos on 9 October is that hikers are rewarded by one of the prettiest forests on Cyprus, dense in tall Pinus nigra trees, only close to the far end. The large group of Strollers made up, once more, of persons from all ages and close to 10 nationalities, regulars as well as many first timers, walked the entire trail in good spirit, for this worthy treat at Stavroulia. There were many more pleasant moments, of course, on a most clear day, climaxing with lunch. Compliments to Anna, Yannis and Antonis for the photos. Join us on 17 Oct. at Spilia https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/kourdali-spilia-17-oct/

Brilliant start to Season 15 – 3 Oct.

On 3 October the Cyprus Strollers kicked off season 15 on Artemis, in a most rewarding fashion. Turnout was very large; importantly there were hikers from all age groups, from elementary school upwards; some 10 different nationalities were represented; among us, regular Strollers, persons who came back after a long absence, as well as newcomers.

Participants enjoyed the two hikes, and had a cheerful time over the buffet lunch, with many exchanges lifting our spirits. Compliments to Maria, Nana and Sevag for taking photos. Join us on 9 Oct. on Prodromos https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/prodromos-zoumi-stavroulia-9-oct/

Loyalty in action – 29 May

Compliments to those members who could not make it for the 1st hike, yet participated in the 2nd hike, as well as the lunch which marked the conclusion of this season. Thank you to each Stroller for your kindness and loyalty, in a season with disruptions, due to the pandemic. The 29 May event took us to Madari and Pezounokremos.

Sunfresh Troodos – 22 May

It was sunny and fresh on Troodos on Saturday 22 May, which contributed to a very pleasant day out, on two trails, one new and the other a lovely circle with long views. Compliments to Anna and Antonis for the photos. Join us on SATURDAY 29 May for the finale of this season https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/selladi-pezounokremos-2-trails-30-may/ and note hiking commences at 10:00.

Cyprus’ smallest waterfall – Almyrolivado 16 May

Can there be beauty in a small waterfall? They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Which describes the rewards in store for the Strollers at Almyrolivado on Sunday 16 May. Compliments to Antonis for the photos. Join us on 22 May on Troodos for this season’s penultimate activity, and note we start hiking at 10:00, not at 11:00 https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/kampos-livadiou-mnimata-piskopon-2-trails-22-may/

Trout in the River – 24 April

No camera can beat the lenses of our eyes. Truly, hiking in nature offers rare views, which one can admire for the few moments they last, and by the time you take out a camera, they are gone. Such was the case with the several trout we spotted swimming upstream in Kryos Potamos on Saturday 24 April. As if their sighting was not sufficient to help Strollers through the week to come, we were entertained to some more pleasures during the hike at Pouziaris. To cap it all, we enjoyed one of the best meals this club has had in its history, at JR taverna in Trimiklini. Compliments to Antonis and Anna for the photos. Join us on our next outing, when the covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

Golden Atalanti – 18 April

In Greek mythology Atalanti was a virgin huntress who promised to marry the man who could win a running race against her; Atalanti lost to Hippomenes when she stopped to pick up three golden apples that he dropped in her path. The party on Sunday 18 April at Atalanti trail enjoyed much, much more; summer weather, dense forest, the singing of cuckoos, in a harmonious blend of members who came back after a long absence, regulars as well as first-timers. Compliments to Anna and Yiannis for the photos. Join us on 24 April at Platres https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/kryos-potamos-caledonian-waterfall-pouziaris-24-april/