Bridges over the river, Bridges connecting Participants – Pouziaris 16 April

The outing at Pouziaris, a favourite for many, attracted on 16 April loyal as well as first-time Strollers, most from nearby Limassol. The group blended nicely; perhaps on account of the weather, perhaps affected by the many bridges we used to cross Kryos Potamos river, perhaps also by the rich exchanges at the table. Such is the appeal of this Club, that one new member attended, hours after landing at Larnaca airport. Compliments to Pitsa, Anna and Antonis for the photos. Join us next on 30 April for a 1st time experience.


Asinou, we are back – 10 April

This Club missed hiking at Asinou, since the scheduled activity there a year ago was canceled due to the covid lockdown. Participants thoroughly enjoyed the hike up and down Adelphi forest, as well as the warm welcome and lunch at our favourite taverna. To note, this was the 1st lunch in 2022 outdoors, by the taverna’s beautiful lawn. Compliments to Demetris, Andri and Andriana for the photos. Join us next at Platres

The Show belongs to Students – 2 April

Suddenly Spring weather descended on us at the 2 hikes of 2 April at Gerakies and the stream of Moutoullas. Surely a coincidence, attendance by university students soared; and the Club hit a record of students from 3 different universities in one event. The stream of Moutoullas proved a worthy treat, for all the sweating before. A 2nd treat was the humorous and inspired conversations which flowed freely around the lunch table. Compliments to Alena, Koula and Anna for the photos. Join us next at Asinou

Proud of our Junior Strollers – 27 March

There was an impressive turnout of junior Club members at Platres on 27 March. The weather offered relief from the very cold spell of the previous two weeks in the cities. Consequently, all welcomed the extension of the hike (beyond plan) to reach a picnic site with a stream of water pouring down an adjacent slope, on the side. Compliments to Anna for the photos. Join us next at Gerakies

Warm interactions in freezing temperatures

The hike of 19 March at Platania took place under freezing temperatures. Nonetheless, the calibre of participants, including newcomers, was such that the entire experience was warm and cheerful. Even the strikingly red bark of the strawberry trees caught attention and sparked discussion. Compliments to Giannis for the photos. Join us next at Platres

A Club with Prudency – Kapedes 13 March

Given a worrisome weather forecast, the Cyprus Strollers exercised a step by step approach to its activity at Kapedes on 13 March; each participant was suitably equipped, and the plan was to adapt prudently to conditions as they happened. The outcome was a hike completed in part under snow, in part under hail and in part in sunshine; all the same, at no instance was there a threat or storm, and the terrain was dry. As a result, members enjoyed the outing thoroughly, and this includes all first timers. The climax of the day was the superb buffet lunch, which came as a well-earned reward, and stimulated a highly intellectual conversation around the round table. Compliments to Nicos for his leadership and to Yannis and Antonis for the photos. Join us next at Platania

Flowers in abundance – Pedieos gorge 5 March

A feast of spring flowers accompanied us on the hike along Pedieos gorge on 5 March. 9 types we could name: lavenders, purple rock cress, crocus, wild mustard, vetch, milk vetch, oxalis, almond tree flowers and buds on the Mediterranean Hawthorn trees. The floral panorama, combined with the rich flow in the river made our day splendid. In these days with a war in Europe, the stop at the hero’s place of sacrifice on our way, assisted reflections on the significance of heroes for the lives of generations that follow. Compliments to Antonis for his leadership. Join us next at Kapedes

Alpine Cyprus – 27 Feb.

A passionate group of Strollers hiked along Lefkara lake on 27 February, and marveled at the scenery, which one could liken to lakes in the Alps. Compliments to Antonis for leading the outing. Join us next along Pedieos gorge

Bonding Hike – Xyliatos 20 Feb.

The Strollers at Xyliatos on 20 February took advantage of the weather and circumstances, to enjoy hiking and connecting; everyone felt highly gratified. Join us next at Lefkara dam

Looking up, looking down – Galata 13 Feb.

It may come as no surprise, there was a huge turnout for this unique event. Unique, for being a route not mapped by any. Unique, for combining two strong concepts, the cultural and the romantic. Strollers were treated to a thorough description of the insides of two 16 c. churches, on the Unesco heritage list, for which all eyes concentrated up. Then, along the flanks of river Clarios, with its rich flow, eyes were looking down; some members were so engaged, that they could not resist a hands-in experience. Compliments to Alena for the photos. Join us next on 19 Feb., for a hike and lunch