Sentimental season finale – Troodos 29 May

The January – May 2016 season came to a sentimental finale on Sunday 29/5; the buffet lunch at Troodos hotel evolved into a party, when Gerard and Patty brought the cake to celebrate the conclusion of 2 years of activities by the Cyprus Strollers. In his speech, Xenophon highlighted the importance of every member’s contribution, when you bring along your positive disposition and eagerness to give and get at every hike, thereby turning hiking with the Cyprus Strollers into much more than an exercise; members hike with us for the multicultural character of the club, the quality and richness of conversations, as well as our good humour and cheer, particularly at the table. Xenophon thanked all walk leaders of the season present and called on everybody to take initiative and arrange social gatherings to keep us closer, over the 4-months summer recess. Special thanks to Gerard and Patty for arranging the birthday celebration. Compliments to George for leading the hike on Atalanti trail, and to George, Koula and Alex for the photos.



A Jolly Good Hike: Platres 22 May

With the weather on our side, a large group of Strollers in high spirits took the challenge of the climb from Platres to Troodos, all along the Kryos Potamos river, and the return on the slopes of Pouziaris, in a circular trail expertly led by Lowell. Rewards were plentiful: the Caledonian waterfall; the dense foliage of black pine, golden oak and other trees; the murmur of river water flowing; magic views to Platres, other villages, Kourris dam, Akrotiri salt lake and as far south as Limassol coast; and a buffet lunch at Troodos hotel. Compliments to Lowell for leading the hike, to Gerard for carrying cooled water melon, which he generously offered to participants on toothpicks, and to Teresa and Christine for the photos. Join us on 29 May on Troodos, for the final excursion of this season.

Caledonian-by-riverCaledonian-climbrearon the edgepath-among-black-pine-trees


Hot weather 2 hikes, Refreshing river crossing and picnic: Amiantos 14 May

Temperatures were higher than desired, and there were no clouds. Despite this, turnout was very good on Saturday 14 May for the 2 hikes in the Amiantos area of Troodos. Strollers enjoyed the descent to the river bed, walk along the river and the picnic at Loumata ton Aeton. Join us on 22 May at Platres.


Perfect weather – Optimal performance: Madari Grand Circle 8 May

A large, committed group of Strollers accepted the challenge of the hardest hike of the year on Sunday 8 May. The perfect weather conditions – cool, cloudy, with a brief spell of rain – helped our performance and we completed the Grand Circle of Madari in record time. Rewards were plentiful: beautiful orchids, a carpet of moss, magnificent forest of cedars, golden oaks and pines and amazing views to Kyperounda village below, Madari summit Watch Station and more. Compliments to Christos for leading this excursion and to Christine and George for the photos. Join us on 14 May on Amiantos.

Walk leader on the job

Walk leader on the job


through the cedars

through the cedars


artist's view of Kyperounda

artist’s view of Kyperounda