Sentimental season finale – Troodos 29 May

The January – May 2016 season came to a sentimental finale on Sunday 29/5; the buffet lunch at Troodos hotel evolved into a party, when Gerard and Patty brought the cake to celebrate the conclusion of 2 years of activities by the Cyprus Strollers. In his speech, Xenophon highlighted the importance of every member’s contribution, when you bring along your positive disposition and eagerness to give and get at every hike, thereby turning hiking with the Cyprus Strollers into much more than an exercise; members hike with us for the multicultural character of the club, the quality and richness of conversations, as well as our good humour and cheer, particularly at the table. Xenophon thanked all walk leaders of the season present and called on everybody to take initiative and arrange social gatherings to keep us closer, over the 4-months summer recess. Special thanks to Gerard and Patty for arranging the birthday celebration. Compliments to George for leading the hike on Atalanti trail, and to George, Koula and Alex for the photos.



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