Indigo Blue Butterflies – 19 May

The excursion of Sunday 19 May to Troodos, for the Atalanti hike, offered Strollers many of the usual rewards; and a rare one: sighting of the indigo blue butterfly. No camera could capture the ethereal beauty of this tiny masterpiece of creation; indigo blue when it is flying; grey when its wings are folded. Compliments to Christos for leading the outing and to Stathis for the photos. Join us on 25 May for a double hike


Pink Paeonies, Purple Vetch and White Butterflies – 11 May

There was a feast of colours entertaining the group of Strollers who achieved the toughest trail on the island, the Grand Circle of Madari, on Saturday 11 May. This is the only trail in the entire year where we see the pink flowers of paeonies, and this time there were many more, thanks to the productive rainy season. A delightful meal at our taverna of choice capped a wonderful day out. Compliments to Christos for leading this excursion and to George and Stathis for the photos. Join us on 19 May on Troodos

Pleasures of Persephone – 5 May

The outing of Sunday 5 May took us along the Persephone nature trail in the Troodos mountains, starting just a few minutes’ walk from Troodos square. This particular trail ranks among the most popular routes for several good reasons: It’s short and sweet – only 4 km each way and not demanding; It winds its way through beautiful forest patches that offer welcome shade; It ends at a point that grants you quintessential Cyprus views across green forests, a large dam, the salt lake and Limassol Bay.

Apart from the perfect weather, the real bonus of the walk was the group’s configuration. Persephone attracted hikers of all ages, from elementary school to grandparents. And as is often the case, at least 10 nationalities were represented. Special guests included a number of four-legged furry friends, one of whom could not resist a full-body mud bath in a rainwater puddle, offering us surprise entertainment to add to the day’s memories.

The buffet lunch that followed began with a warm welcome from Irene, who was celebrating her name day on the day and gave us the opportunity to share the story of Persephone in Greek mythology, to catch up with friends, get to know new group members better, and make plans to meet again at the next Cyprus Strollers hikes.

Compliments to Dina for this summary and to Stathis for the photos. Join us next on Madari

Good Friday Stroll – 9 Epitaphios in Old Nicosia

There was a flood of young people and people of other ages visiting the churches of Nicosia Within-the-Walls during the afternoon of Good Friday 26 April. Reviving an old custom, we venerated the Epitaphios in 9 churches. In order of visit Chrysaliniotissa, Agios Kassianos, Phaneromeni, Agios Eleftherios, Trypiotis, Agios Savvas, Agios Philoumenos, Agios Antonios, Agios Ioannis (Cathedral). Chrysanthemums, white and purple, were the prevailing flowers used for decoration, and then roses. Enjoy the photos. Best wishes for a Happy Easter.

Agios Kassianos

Agios Philoumenos



Agios Ioannis

Agios Antonios

Springtime in Klirou – 20 April

The beauty of spring, green fields, flowers and flowing streams created a nice setting for the hike of 20 April near Klirou. Compliments to Ian for leading and to Stathis for the photos. Join us on 5 May on Troodos

Poetic Platres – 14 April

The turnout at Platres on Sunday 14 April was impressive, because so many Strollers fancied a hike to a waterfall, along a river, in a forest, offering charming views from high up to a picturesque village that inspires poets and romantics, followed by a delicious lunch that catered to the needs of vegetarians and vegans. Compliments to Stathis for the photos. Join us on 20 April at Kykkos

Wonderfully Executed – Trimiklini 6 April

We hiked a new trail on Saturday 6 April; it was discovered by Koula and wonderfully led by Britt and Dimitris; we climbed mount Zalakas overlooking Trimiklini, passed orchards, admired flowers incl. orchids and enjoyed splendid 360 views. Lunch came as a well-deserved reward, and the meal included surprise treats for non-meat eaters and vegans. Compliments to Stella and Stathis for their photos. Join us on 14 April at Platres