Good Friday Stroll: 7+2 Epitaphios in Old Nicosia

A custom from our childhood years came to being on Good Friday (14 April), when an impromptu stroll was conducted around Nicosia Within-the-Walls. During the afternoon, and before the start of the evening church service, we visited 7 Orthodox churches, the Maronite church and the Catholic church of the Holy Cross, and venerated their Epitaphios. Let the photos do the talking. Best wishes for a Happy Easter.

Agios Antonios

Agios Ioannis

Agios Kassianos


Agios Savvas



Caraffa Bastion


Holy Cross

Two Peaks and One Cave – 8 April Hike

A cloudy sky and a gentle wind, which prevented precipitation, contributed to the enjoyment of two hikes on the south slopes of Mahairas, on Saturday 8 April. The club wishes you a Happy Easter. Join us on 23 April at Platania

Strollers with Sense and Sensibility – Pitsilia Hike 2 April

A small group of Strollers displayed exemplary sense and sensibility on Saturday 2 April concerning the picturesque hike from Stavros Agiasmati to Panagia Araka. Defying the forecast of rain, and comfortable with the driving instructions, we were all appropriately prepared and copiously rewarded, since rain fell in Nicosia and Limassol, but there was not a drop on our path; proof of the general rule that luck is on the side of those who dare. Among the delights of the outing we had several instances of flowering orchids, Arabis purpurea, asphodels, milk vetch and almond trees; carpets of vivid green mosses and masses of tiny yellow-blue wild peas. There were also amazing vistas; at every turn the views changed; sometimes we were looking at sheer rocks, sometimes thick forest, then the distant bay of Morphou, the majestic Madari mountains and the villages of Platanistasa, Alona on the left, Lagoudera and Saranti on the right, nestling below the peaks. The meal at Fountoukia taverna was a well-deserved treat, with delicious and seemingly endless meze dishes, their potato chips which rank among the best on the island, and creamy sweets to finish off an unforgettable day. Compliments to Mary for contributing to this write-up and to Marios for the photos. Join us on 8 April at Mahairas

Mahairas Mountains in all their Springtime Glory: Prophitis Elias Hike – 25 March

We set off from the abandoned, wistful-looking monastery climbing up along the winding ridge towards Kionia, through a riot of wild flowers and panoramic views. The clear day presented us with beautiful open vistas of pine covered slopes, angular rock formations and distant views of the sea. The higher we climbed, the more impressive became the jagged rocks with their clumps of delicate, purple Arabis Purpurea flowers, known by the more romantic name of Tears of Jesus’s Mother. During our hike we moved from bright sunlight to dappled shade, from Golden Oaks glistening in the sun, to the stillness of the forest where tall pines spread their aromatic scent and whispered in the gentle breeze. The last couple of kilometers downhill were more challenging but we eventually sat down to a veritable feast at Steki tou Marinou to enjoy home-cooked starters, delicious vegetables and fish and, more importantly, very convivial company. The red wine flowed and Xenophon called upon a number of the group to say a few words to capture the highlights of the day. All Strollers cheered Ian, our very capable leader on this rather tough, yet most enjoyable hike. Compliments to Mary for this write-up and to Christine, Marios and Patrick for the photos. Join us on 2 April on Pitsilia

Multicolour Experience – Cape Greco 19 March

The two hikes at Cape Greco on Sunday 19 March offered the large group of Strollers a multicolour experience. Many flowers had put on their best, to welcome our well-timed visit: yellow and white anemones, yellow mimosas, white sea squills, yellow wild mustard, white wild garlic, purple rosemary and irises. On top of this, we enjoyed the turquoise sea, all along the trails. Compliments to George for leading this excursion and to Michael and Kate for the photos. Join us on 25 March at Prophitis Elias

Hike at Kato Drys Canceled – 11 March

Today’s hike is canceled, owing to the weather forecast of thunderstorms. The same weather is forecast for tomorrow, Sunday. Apologies to members who had planned to attend. The decision was taken in consultation with the walk Leader. Join us next Sunday at Cape Greco

Strollers on Snow – 5 March

Perhaps the hike of Sunday 5 March was the one which generated the broadest range of sentiments, in the history of the Cyprus Strollers. A very large group took the challenge of Atalanti on Troodos, hiking for long on snow, and courageously concluded the 9 km trail up to the exit to the paved road. Sentiments varied from the excitement of the snow-covered land, and the rare views, to the tension of coping with the slippery path. No one could have summed up the event better than Pamela, who put this in writing: ‘it was a true survival trip but hasn’t put me off of any further hikes; you are all a great club, thank you’. Compliments to George for leading the excursion, and to Teresa, Christine and Marios for the photos. Join us on 11 March at Kato Drys

crocus, defiant of snow

in consultation