Tough Hike – Palekhori 3 Feb.

The Cyprus Strollers took the challenge of a tough hike on Saturday 3 February, on the mountains of Palekhori. The terrain varied from soil to rock, and much of the path was along ridges, alternating between uphill and downhill. These conditions brought out the best in participants! Our large group once more welcomed new members, and all delighted to see the almond tree flowers, crocus flowers and the panoramic views. Compliments to Stalo for leading this outing and to Clara, Christine and Stella for the photos. Join us on 11 Feb along Pedieos gorge

ants nest


Oroklini sands – 28 Jan.

On Sunday 28 January, under blue skies, the Cyprus Strollers met again for the quintessential strolling experience along the coast of Oroklini, east of Larnaca. The sea, sand and sun delivered the Cyprus component, while the flat terrain was practically created for Strollers. The 4km waterfront section offered the group an 8km-long roundtrip opportunity to rest their eyes on the calm sea, and to admire touching expressions of nature from the community of seagulls, to scattered shells and a rare splash of fiery flowers on the beach. The comfortable route lent itself to conversation, as new Strollers were introduced to regulars, and friends chatted and caught up on one another’s news, snapping photos along the way. A fish and seafood meal at a nearby restaurant concluded this sea-focused day. Compliments to Maria for leading this outing, to Dina for composing this summary and to Nana, Ramzi and Nicos for the photos.

With activities like this, the Cyprus Strollers make a clear statement: this is a club for everyone, kids included, as every season’s schedule includes a few easy walks that allow the young or untrained participants to join the group and gradually ‘mature’ into enthusiastic mountain hikers. Join us on 3 Feb. at Palekhori


Cape Rambling – 20 Jan.

Whenever the Cyprus Strollers head to Cape Greco, this seaside trail attracts not only the regular hikers but also a number of new and occasional strollers. And this week’s hike was a case in point. The large group once again brought together different ages, nationalities, and hiking temperaments, which translated into an extended chain of Strollers that snaked its way around the serene, unspoiled and protected cape that defines the southeastern coast of Cyprus.

Our walk started at the Sea Caves, the most popular landmark of the area, and ended at the seafront chapel of Agioi Anargyroi, with steps leading to the legendary hermit’s cave below. Measuring 8km from start to finish and back, this trail is as rugged as it is gentle; part rocky – forcing you to watch every step – and part effortlessly winding its way through the abundant shrubs of the region. En route we passed a natural stone bridge, as well as vertical stone walls that could have been plucked out of a rock climbing textbook. Smaller gems on the ground also caught the eye: the ground-hugging mandrake, fragrant thyme bushes, miniature wild flowers, and fascinating sea sponge fossils. The real magic, however, was the sapphire sea, our constant companion, glittering in the sun under the clearest of blue skies. At times, the sprawling landscape made it difficult to recognize the trail; special compliments to walk leader Patrick for marking the tricky points with his signature rock mounds, and for identifying a small taverna, which enabled us to conclude the outing with a nice meze lunch. Compliments to Dina for this succulent summary and to Nana, Clara and Nicos for the photos. Join us on 28 Jan. at Oroklini

Vasilopitta United – 14 Jan.

A very large group of Strollers, from countries so diverse as India, Japan, Lebanon, Canada, USA, Poland, Romania, Scotland, Ireland, England, Greece and Cyprus, combined hiking with poetry at Lythrodontas on Sunday 14 January, and welcomed the new year and our new season of strolling, in style, with the cutting and sharing of Vasilopitta. Compliments to Clara for her generous offer of Vasilopitta, as well as the gift of a book of poems by Constantine Cavafy, which was won by Stavros. Best wishes to the lucky man and to all for your patience at dinner! Compliments to Maria and Antonia for the photos. Join us on 20 Jan. at Cape Greco

To Hike and Hike – a Wonderful New Year’s Resolution – Selladi 7 Jan.

A large group of Strollers, many newcomers among us, gathered at Selladi Karamanli on Sunday 7 January, determined to hike and hike and hike with their favourite club in 2018; can you think of a healthier new year’s resolution? Compliments to Clara for the photos. Join us on 14 Jan. in Lythrodontas

Terraces formation on slope


Happy New Year to Every Stroller!

The Cyprus Strollers welcome the New Year and wish every Stroller and every follower health, peace and many pleasant hikes in 2018.

The Cyprus Strollers concluded their 7th season of activities, over October – December 2017, with lots to smile about:

12 hikes,

of which 5 new;

115 km walked,

for a total of 36 hours.

Cumulatively, over all 7 seasons, our accomplishment is as follows:

109 hikes,

1018 km walked,

for a total of 329 hours

of innumerable fun.

The new Schedule for January – May 2018 is published; you may download and study it here There are 20 excursions planned, of which 6 are new; there are 12 walk Leaders in charge, which is a club record! Join us on 7 January for the start of the 8th season

Pancyprian appeal of Pedieos – 16 Dec.

Fine weather accompanied us on the Pedieos river trail, our final walk of 2017. A large group, not only from Nicosia but also Limassol, Larnaca, Aradippou and Paralimni put aside Christmas preparations and shopping, and gathered to walk for three hours along the river banks. Patrick led this pleasant stroll by tall eucalyptus trees, flowering bougainvillea and climbing vines.

Mid-way we stopped for a seasonal sweet – melomacarona – to wish everyone a happy Christmas. We rounded the occasion with another fabulous meze meal.

Finally, a thought from Yuya, one Japanese visiting Stroller. He says that he loves walking groups because they are people who get together with no other motives but to make friends and enjoy nature together. Compliments to Mary for this summary and to Maria, Koula and Clara for the photos.

We hope to see you all, young and old, from near or far, on our 2018 hikes, starting on 7 January. May you have a very merry Christmas and many more delightful walks in the new year, with your favourite club.