Extra activity 6 June – Myllomeris and Kampos Livadiou

With full respect of the government measures about the covid-19 threat, this club announces the following extra activity for Saturday 6 June. We invite interest from members to conduct a double hike of Myllomeris waterfall, followed by Kampos Livadiou, followed by a picnic at the organized picnic site at Kampos Livadiou. For the picnic you are urged to bring along bite-sized food; in this way, you will be offering some of what you carry to others, and at the same time picking bites carried by fellow Strollers; doesn’t this sound more exciting than if you were to bring along just one sandwich?

We set off from the church of tis Theou Sophias in Nicosia at 9:15 am. The Myllomeris hike starts at 10:45 am. For driving instructions and other details please read this https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/troodos-platres-myllomeris-waterfall-and-kampos-livadiou-two-trails-sat-13-may/. The hike will take place with one or more groups of 10 members; this means that if there is interest from more than 10 members, a second group of 10 will be formed, which will set off at a distance from the first group of 10; similarly for a third group of 10 and so on. The activity requires pre-registration, in the deadline indicated (Thursday 12 noon), and participation will be authorized and approved with a return e-mail. The members selected for participation will receive a return e-mail from Xenophon. In case you have not received a return e-mail, this means a rejection from this activity; we apologise and urge you to apply again next time.

To register, the only vehicle is via e-mail to Xenophon.hasapis@gmail.com. In replying, you must respond to all the following points a) state if you have tested positive to covid-19; if yes, we ask you to have with you the results of the test where you subsequently tested clear, b) state if you will have the time and appetite to take part at the picnic or not, c) state if you are prepared to drive to the hike start or you must have a lift, d) state your firm decision and availability to participate; if uncertain, if you face some dependency, kindly do not rush to apply and do not take the place of someone who is more eager.

If you are new to the club or have not applied for membership so far, you must provide your name, surname, e-mail and mobile telephone number, as well. Thank you.