A Thoroughly Enjoyable Hike, Teisia on Madari, 17 Oct.

A lively group of Strollers had a most enjoyable walk in a forest of golden oak on Madari, on 17 October, viewing from very close the centuries-old erect Teisia geological structures and panoramic scenery. The expedition was concluded with a superb value meal and a humorous spirit prevailing, at the Kyperia taverna in Kyperounda. Compliments to Koula and Alex for the photos.
Madari-Teisia-rear-lighterMadari-Teisia-and-Watch-point Madari-Teisia-downhill Madari-Watch-Tower-Xenophon-pointing-lighter Teisia-Kyperia-meal-lighter


A Wonderful Hike, along the Vineyards, 11 Oct.

We had a thoroughly enjoyable hike on 11 October, at Selladi Karamanli, in Pitsilia. We walked along a dirt road, which cuts across the rich vineyards, met local farmers picking their crop, who generously offered the group bunches of grapes. We enjoyed the exercise, the views, and the meal at the taverna. It was a very large gathering and the Cyprus Strollers welcomed many newcomers. Compliments to Amanda, for the photos.


Front-view-among-vines Grapes-eatingRear-view

Chestnut fruits

Chestnut fruits


A Sparkling Start on Troodos – Prodromos on 3 Oct.

The Cyprus Strollers had a very rich experience, from several angles, on the 1st excursion of the new season, on 3rd October: a wonderful turnout, made of regular members and first time Strollers; also participating were friends from a similar hiking club in Israel; all together, we had Strollers from 4 different Continents; logistics worked out smoothly; the hike was beautiful, in fresh weather conditions; the picnic was rewarding, and included the highlight of smoked salmon, fished in Alaska by Ian, during his recent trip! Compliments to Amanda, Jiawei and Koula for the photos.

All Hiking-rear2 Xenophon-Philip-Shula1 Salmon-fished-by-Ian-Alaska