Strollers So Strong – Fikardou-Mahairas hike 23 April

A large group of Strollers tackled the difficult hike from Fikardou through Lazanias to Mahairas monastery and back, in style. The rewards were plentiful: a feast of rock rose flowers, both pink and white, side by side at several places; the mesmerizing scent of pink rose flowers on a wild rose bush in Lazanias; sage and other flowers; almond trees bearing fruit; a choir of male frogs declaring their virility; the inspiring visit to Mahairas monastery, luckily at a time of prayer by monks in church. The outing was capped by a delicious, rich meal served at Agios Georgios taverna in Gourri, where several toasts were raised for George and George among us, given that 23 April is the day we celebrate Saint George. Compliments to Christine for the photos.

The club wishes all its members a Happy Easter on May 1.

Join us on 8 May, when we hike the Grand Circle of Madari.







2 Charming Trails: Gerakies slopes and Moutoullas orchards, 17 April

A large and cheerful group of Strollers participated in the club’s single annual visit to Marathasa valley. The first hike took place on the hills of Gerakies, through its vineyards. The second was in the orchards of Moutoullas, down to its streams with crystal clear waters. Compliments to Alex for leading this excursion and to Teresa, Christine and George for the photos. Join us on Mahairas mountains on 23 April.



Gerakies from above

Gerakies from above


1 minus X 1 minus = 1 big positive: Kourdali hike 9 April

Mathematics were applied to hiking on Saturday 9 April, in the outing at Kourdali and Adelphi forest. The formula -1 X -1 = +1 was verified, when two errors, a wrong starting point, and a wrong trail delivered a big positive, and turned a linear into a circular hike. Errors came about from the recent creation of a second hike, not far from the one intended. This misled the walk leader and took the group of Strollers up the new trail (only 700 m long); the errors were corrected when the group showed an excellent camaraderie, kept a cheerful attitude, and the walk leader succeeded in his selection of dirt roads, which connected with the intended destination. Thus, Strollers reached the guerilla fighters hideouts, and returned by the intended trail, consequently converting a linear hike into a more exciting, albeit longer, circular route.

The walk leader apologizes to participant Strollers for these errors. The walk leader apologizes also to those Strollers who had reached the correct starting point, because they had counted km correctly, as per instructions.

If you are one who feels that surprises like this one put more spice into the outings of the Cyprus Strollers, like participant Strollers felt at Kourdali, then join us at Gerakies on 17 April.




Vetch flowers (vikos, in Greek)

Vetch flowers (vikos, in Greek)

All time record attendance – Konnos-Cape Greco hike 3 April

There was a record attendance for the seaside hike of Sunday 3 April at Konnos-Cape Greco. The Cyprus Strollers welcomed many newcomers, once more. Despite the temperature (~25 degrees) and the absence of clouds, in an area of low vegetation, Strollers completed the hike in good spirit, and enjoyed the picnic that followed. Compliments to George for leading this outing, for his generous offer of fruit during stops, and for the photos. Join us on 9 April at Adelphi forest.