Strollers So Strong – Fikardou-Mahairas hike 23 April

A large group of Strollers tackled the difficult hike from Fikardou through Lazanias to Mahairas monastery and back, in style. The rewards were plentiful: a feast of rock rose flowers, both pink and white, side by side at several places; the mesmerizing scent of pink rose flowers on a wild rose bush in Lazanias; sage and other flowers; almond trees bearing fruit; a choir of male frogs declaring their virility; the inspiring visit to Mahairas monastery, luckily at a time of prayer by monks in church. The outing was capped by a delicious, rich meal served at Agios Georgios taverna in Gourri, where several toasts were raised for George and George among us, given that 23 April is the day we celebrate Saint George. Compliments to Christine for the photos.

The club wishes all its members a Happy Easter on May 1.

Join us on 8 May, when we hike the Grand Circle of Madari.







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