1 minus X 1 minus = 1 big positive: Kourdali hike 9 April

Mathematics were applied to hiking on Saturday 9 April, in the outing at Kourdali and Adelphi forest. The formula -1 X -1 = +1 was verified, when two errors, a wrong starting point, and a wrong trail delivered a big positive, and turned a linear into a circular hike. Errors came about from the recent creation of a second hike, not far from the one intended. This misled the walk leader and took the group of Strollers up the new trail (only 700 m long); the errors were corrected when the group showed an excellent camaraderie, kept a cheerful attitude, and the walk leader succeeded in his selection of dirt roads, which connected with the intended destination. Thus, Strollers reached the guerilla fighters hideouts, and returned by the intended trail, consequently converting a linear hike into a more exciting, albeit longer, circular route.

The walk leader apologizes to participant Strollers for these errors. The walk leader apologizes also to those Strollers who had reached the correct starting point, because they had counted km correctly, as per instructions.

If you are one who feels that surprises like this one put more spice into the outings of the Cyprus Strollers, like participant Strollers felt at Kourdali, then join us at Gerakies on 17 April.




Vetch flowers (vikos, in Greek)

Vetch flowers (vikos, in Greek)


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