Admirable Flow of Pedieos – 3 Feb.

Following the unusually heavy rains of the past couple of months, the large group of Strollers along the gorge of Pedieos on Sunday 3 February marveled at the river flow, and the green landscape, which included flowering lavenders. Compliments to George for leading the outing and to Nana, Nicos, Stathis and Nicoletta for the photos. Join us on 9 Feb, at Galata



Rewarding Pedieos – 11 Feb.

The beauty and impressiveness of the Pedieos gorge was not eclipsed on Sunday 11 February by a rather dull, mostly cloudy weather. A large group of Strollers set off to enjoy the abundant waters of the Pedieos river, winding its way down from the Mahairas mountains. We delighted in the naturally hewn rocks of the gorge and the pretty Ragged Robin purple flowers. After an uphill path we reached the Afxentiou hide out and some minutes later the Mahairas Monastery where we rested and had our picnic. Strollers, as always, shared their sandwiches, fruit and treats, before setting off for the return to the start point. This was another demanding but worthwhile hike in the beautiful and already spring-like countryside of Cyprus. Compliments to Patrick for leading the outing and writing this summary, and to Clara for the photos. Join us on 17 Feb. at Delikipos

Water of Hope – Pedieos Gorge Hike 5 Nov.

Living through a period of protracted drought, there was a sigh of relief on Saturday 5 November among all Strollers who saw and also heard the sound of water, little as it was, as we hiked along the gorge of Pedieos river. There were plenty of other excitements, turning this long hike into a much liked outing. Compliments to George for leading and to Marios, Dina and Koula for sending their photos. Join us on 13 Nov. at Cape Greco


Mahairas monastery

Mahairas monastery

Endemic cyclamen

Endemic cyclamen

Divine pleasures on Pedieos gorge – Mahairas monastery hike, 28 Nov.

There was a large turnout, including several newcomers, on Saturday 28 November, on a sunny outing along Pedieos gorge to Mahairas monastery. Strollers discovered untapped strengths and enjoyed the 4-hours hike, the scenery of pine and other trees, the cyclamen flowers hiding under the trees, as well as our rich conversations and the monastery visit. Compliments to Christos for leading the walk and to Marina for the photos. Join us on 6 Dec. at Asinou.