Youth is not a matter of age – Amiantos 1 Nov.

A massive turnout, under the covid-19 circumstances, and multinational, took the challenge of a short, tough hike, followed by a second, romantic hike, largely on the banks of a small river, on Sunday 1 November. The river’s name ‘Loumata Aeton’ refers to some past sightings of eagles bathing in its waters. Perhaps this, combined with a good river flow, which enabled our several crossings stepping on stones, as well as the inspiring scenery brought out the innocent, playful child hiding in each adult, as the photos testify. Participants were amply rewarded by the lunch that followed. Compliments to Antonis for leading this outing, and to Anna and Maria for the photos. Join us on Mahairas on 7 Nov.


One thought on “Youth is not a matter of age – Amiantos 1 Nov.

  1. This was the first time I hiked with an organized club. And what a unique experience this was. I could characterize this day with so many beautiful words, yet one seems to prevail. Alive. Everything was full of life. The people with their laughters, the stories they exchanged, their world-wide cultures they brought along, the many pairs of helping hands, their jokes, the trees welcoming us to relax in their shade and breathe in their clean air, the flowing river singing along the way. I’m thankful for this day. I’m thankful for the days I feel alive. And a big thank you to The Cyprus Strollers for enriching our lives with days like this.

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