Alpine Cyprus – 27 Feb.

A passionate group of Strollers hiked along Lefkara lake on 27 February, and marveled at the scenery, which one could liken to lakes in the Alps. Compliments to Antonis for leading the outing. Join us next along Pedieos gorge


Bonding Hike – Xyliatos 20 Feb.

The Strollers at Xyliatos on 20 February took advantage of the weather and circumstances, to enjoy hiking and connecting; everyone felt highly gratified. Join us next at Lefkara dam

Looking up, looking down – Galata 13 Feb.

It may come as no surprise, there was a huge turnout for this unique event. Unique, for being a route not mapped by any. Unique, for combining two strong concepts, the cultural and the romantic. Strollers were treated to a thorough description of the insides of two 16 c. churches, on the Unesco heritage list, for which all eyes concentrated up. Then, along the flanks of river Clarios, with its rich flow, eyes were looking down; some members were so engaged, that they could not resist a hands-in experience. Compliments to Alena for the photos. Join us next on 19 Feb., for a hike and lunch

A Club with Values – Mandra Kampiou 30 Jan.

The Cyprus Strollers is a club proud of its members, who display remarkable values. The hike on Mahairas on 30 January offered ample evidence. Even though we hiked under constant light rain, turnout was large, all were appropriately dressed, everyone made it to the end and in good spirits, our photographer defied the rain to produce some excellent shots. Furthermore, when we needed to cross overflowing streams the walk leader offered assistance, and when Lakis needed backing, two eager samaritans, Alena and Anna Bella, stepped forward. The lunch that followed was a splendid reward for all. Compliments to Antonis for leading the activity and to Anna for the photos. Join us at Platania on 5 Feb.

Coherent and Positive – Delikipos 22 Jan.

Participants on the Delikipos hike on 22 January displayed a remarkable Club coherence through the shower, which visited us twice. Everyone was well prepared and remained positive, on an activity which offered us many pleasures, among them, one very fragrant rose. Eleven-year old Panayiotis summed feelings up with a spontaneous “yes” when, at the end, he was asked whether the walk leader had done the right thing to carry on with the walk in the light rain. No wonder that, under such circumstances, Strollers were rewarded with an extension of the planned hike for several km, as well as a sumptuous lunch and witty table conversations. Compliments to Anna, Nicos and Michalis for the photos. Join us on 30 Jan. on Mahairas

Therapeutic Lythrodontas – 16 Jan.

A very large gathering of Strollers, spread across all age groups, including regulars, members who were making a comeback and first-timers, defied a strong wind and hiked Aetomoutti and Ithaca on 16 January, in high spirits: such is the therapeutic impact of a Club committed to ‘hiking made pleasant’. There was also camaraderie on display, with Anna losing one glove, and Panayiotis further back in the line picking it up. Compliments also to our photographers Yulia, Franco, Yannis and Anna. Join us on 22 Jan at Delikipos and register on time for the Vasilopita treat

Start of Season 16 – Pipis 8 Jan.

On a splendid day, weather-wise, a cheerful group of Strollers hiked on Pipis, led by Angelos, on 8 January. This marked the start of the 16th consecutive season of steady weekly activities for the Club: not a small feat. Join us on 16 Jan. for the hike and vasilopita

All Shades of Blue – Governor’s 18 Dec.

The hike along the coast of Governor’s on 18 December turned into a spectacle of all shades of blue, as the sea and the sky were illustrative of the variable weather conditions. Let the photos, compliments of Dorothea and Yannis reveal the sensations experienced. Lunch was a great treat of fish and seafood, which added sparkle to the moods of diners, epitomized by the good humour of Giannis, who put on a most appropriate shirt for the occasion. Best wishes to all for the holiday period. Join us on 8 January as we commence the January – May 2022 season.

Celebrating our Mountains – Mahairas 12 Dec.

One of the prettiest hikes was our destination on 12 December; it combined visit to a religious treasure, climb down to the springs of Pedieos river, and stops at 2 picturesque, well preserved villages, Lazanias and Fikardou. Strollers fittingly celebrated the International Mountain Day (11 Dec.) and exchanged fond reflections over an impressive buffet that followed. Compliments to Antonis for leading this event and to Yulia and Anna for the photos. Join us on 18 Dec. on a coastal hike

Cloudy sky and Shiny faces – Xylogefyro 4 Dec.

All Strollers on the hike at Xylogefyro on 4 December see no disparity in the title statement. Under an all cloudy sky, and moderate temperatures, a difficult walk was made to look rather easy. A wow accomplishment and compliments to all contributors around the lunch table, for their cultural stories. Seeing is believing, so join us on 12 Dec. at Mahairas Special thanks to Nicos for leading this activity, and to Antonis, Yannis and Anna for the photos.