Multi-dimensional Enjoyment on Teisia tis Madaris, 15 Nov. 2014

A marvelous group of Strollers went once more to the mountains, despite the ‘discouraging’ weather forecast for Saturday 15 November; we rejoiced at the sky blue sky and modest sunshine that welcomed us on Madari; we walked close to the geological wonder of ‘Teisia’ and admired the erect wall-like structures, the result of volcanic eruption deep inside the Earth’s mantle; we climbed up to the Watch Tower, the tallest point on the Madari range at 1620 m, and cast our eyes all around; the trail followed a dense forest area, rich in golden oaks and junipers; we spotted the delicate flowers of the Cyprus cyclamen; for the last half hour the clouds that gathered above changed into a fine drizzle and some fog, adding one more excitement to the landscape.

Teisia in front, Watch Tower high up

Teisia in front, Watch Tower high up











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