Sentimental finale – Pezounokremos 29 May

So many important people defied the hot weather and took part on Sunday 29 May at the final activity of the season January – May 2022, at Pezounokremos. There was poetry, singing, sharing of souvenirs, and a great deal of generosity flowed around the lunch table. Xenophon is so grateful for the calibre of members of this Club! Compliments to Andriana and Anna for the photos. We break for the summer, aiming to resume hiking in October. And what I want to tell you ǁ The most beautiful of all ǁ I’ve not told you yet…


A Whole larger than the sum of its parts – Kampos Livadiou 22 May

A lively gathering of Strollers, regular members as well as newcomers, of 6 different nationalities and an unbeatable spread of ages, enjoyed Kampos Livadiou on 22 May. The collective experience was built up from an array of impressions, views, exchanges and effort; so much so, that looking back at the day, one feels that everybody and everything contributed to create a whole, which is larger than the sum of its parts. Compliments to Elena, Nana and Andriana for the photos. Join us on Sunday for a celebration around the table, to mark the finale of this season of 20 activities

Faster under the Clouds – Atalanti 14 May

It is emerging as a law of hiking: when the weather is cloudy, and there is a threat of rain, the Cyprus Strollers perform a planned hike in record time. Such was the case on 14 April around Atalanti, which participants thoroughly enjoyed. We hiked fast, but felt no pressure; we even had time to catch up with our networks over a break. Compliments to Nicos for leading the day, and to Elena and Dimitris for the photos. Join us next on the penultimate hike of this season

Sweet day at the Salty meadow – 8 May

Strollers had a lovely day out at Almyrolivado (name literally translates to salty meadow) on Sunday 8 May. A stream, a mini waterfall and a pond proved very popular, in particular with the dog on the hike. A 500 years old juniper needed 4 of us to encircle it. The meal that followed was a wonderful reward. Members bid farewell to Yannis, who is returning to Greece, leaving us with fond memories. Compliments to Nicos and Yannis for the photos. Join us next at Atalanti

Madari Immersion – 30 April

Each new visit to Madari is a memorable experience that demands of the Stroller to allow yourself this immersion into its surrounding attractions. To admire the paeony flowers is one good reason to want to be back. The event of 30 April stood up to its promises. Compliments to Antonis for leading one leg of the hike and to Anna for the photos. Join us next at Almyrolivado

Good Friday Stroll: 8 Epitaphios in Old Nicosia

There was a flood of young people and people of other ages visiting the churches of Nicosia Within-the-Walls during the afternoon of Good Friday 22 April. Reviving an old custom, we venerated the Epitaphios in 8 churches: Chrysaliniotissa, Agios Kassianos, Phaneromeni, Trypiotis, Agios Savvas, Agios Philoumenos, Agios Antonios, Agios Varnavas (Cathedral). Enjoy the photos, compliments of Nicos. Best wishes for a Happy Easter.

Bridges over the river, Bridges connecting Participants – Pouziaris 16 April

The outing at Pouziaris, a favourite for many, attracted on 16 April loyal as well as first-time Strollers, most from nearby Limassol. The group blended nicely; perhaps on account of the weather, perhaps affected by the many bridges we used to cross Kryos Potamos river, perhaps also by the rich exchanges at the table. Such is the appeal of this Club, that one new member attended, hours after landing at Larnaca airport. Compliments to Pitsa, Anna and Antonis for the photos. Join us next on 30 April for a 1st time experience.

Asinou, we are back – 10 April

This Club missed hiking at Asinou, since the scheduled activity there a year ago was canceled due to the covid lockdown. Participants thoroughly enjoyed the hike up and down Adelphi forest, as well as the warm welcome and lunch at our favourite taverna. To note, this was the 1st lunch in 2022 outdoors, by the taverna’s beautiful lawn. Compliments to Demetris, Andri and Andriana for the photos. Join us next at Platres

The Show belongs to Students – 2 April

Suddenly Spring weather descended on us at the 2 hikes of 2 April at Gerakies and the stream of Moutoullas. Surely a coincidence, attendance by university students soared; and the Club hit a record of students from 3 different universities in one event. The stream of Moutoullas proved a worthy treat, for all the sweating before. A 2nd treat was the humorous and inspired conversations which flowed freely around the lunch table. Compliments to Alena, Koula and Anna for the photos. Join us next at Asinou

Proud of our Junior Strollers – 27 March

There was an impressive turnout of junior Club members at Platres on 27 March. The weather offered relief from the very cold spell of the previous two weeks in the cities. Consequently, all welcomed the extension of the hike (beyond plan) to reach a picnic site with a stream of water pouring down an adjacent slope, on the side. Compliments to Anna for the photos. Join us next at Gerakies