Jackie’s Newfoundland – 21 April

When Jackie, a very dear Cyprus Stroller announced her move from Nicosia to a village near Paphos, a couple of years back, we couldn’t have thought that the day would come when, on Saturday 21 April, she would be leading a very large group of members on a delightful new trail around Ezousa, that she had discovered and qualified to the standards of your favourite club. Such are the wonders of life. The hike offered a variety of flowers, including a couple of species of orchids, vineyards and cane plantations, the very large meteoric rock of Episkopi with a church on its top, several humorous moments, valuable clouds that protected us from the sun, and Jackie’s well researched choice of taverna. Compliments also to Maria, Christine and Maria L for the photos. Join us on 29 April on the Grand Circle https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/madari-grand-circle-29-april/

Walk Leader telling a story


Stroll back in History – Galata 15 April

How many places on earth can one find to offer eight Renaissance churches, within the confines of one easy stroll? Such was the magic of Galata on Sunday 15 April. A very large group of Strollers, including several newcomers, enjoyed the sunny day, the expert’s narration inside Panagia Podithou, the river streams, the stone bridges and buildings, and a delicious lunch. Compliments to Christos, Evi, Maria and Maria L for the photos. Join us on 21 April at Ezousa https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/jackies-ezousa-stroll-21-april/

Good Friday Stroll: 8 Epitaphios in Old Nicosia

A custom from our childhood years came to being on Good Friday (6 April), when an impromptu stroll was conducted around Nicosia Within-the-Walls. During the afternoon, and before the start of the evening church service, we visited 8 Orthodox churches and venerated their Epitaphios. Let the photos do the talking. Best wishes for a Happy Easter. P.S. Regrettably no photo from Chrysaliniotissa, which is ironic because we thought had the prettiest decoration.

Agios Kassianos

Agios Ioannis

Agios Antonios

Agios Philoumenos

Agios Savvas



Sun on our skin, we smelled the sea, felt the breeze, picked up seashells – Akrotiri 31 March

The Cyprus Strollers celebrate the outdoors and each weekend we seek opportunities to meet and go to places we have never thought about going to! Saturday 31 March was another great day with the club visiting the Akrotiri Salt Lake, a small corner of the island with a unique ecosystem and significant wildlife. With the sun shining, a cool breeze in the air and the smell of the sea in our nostrils we reached the chapel of the Monastery of Saint Nicholas, aka of the cats, started long lasting friendships with the cats, and then hiked back along the gentle beach. On the way we passed many brave, early swimmers splashing in the waves or sunbathing, and some of us exercised a bit of a treasure hunt, beachcombing. Fish and seafood with splendid sea view was waiting for us at the end of our exercise. Compliments to Koula for leading the outing and composing the summary and to Maria and Clara for the photos. Best Easter wishes to every club member and family. Join us on 15 April at Galata https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/galata-kakopetria-cultural-stroll-15-april/

Unique Cyprus Strollers – Prophitis Elias 25 March

No other club offers the unique blend of hiking with culture and fraternity that was once more evident in the excursion on the slopes of Mahairas and the dinner that followed on Sunday 25 March. Among the many thrills were the various flowers, with the abundance of lavender turning Mahairas into Lavender Hill; Clara’s gift reading about the legends explaining why the chapels of Prophitis Elias are almost always found on hill tops; and the rich meal which culminated with a serving of escargots, a true pièce de résistance. Compliments to Ian for leading this outing and to Maria and Clara for their photos. And what a rare pleasure to be able to feature a photo of our two regular photographers together smiling, below. Join us on 31 March at Lady’s Mile https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/ladys-mile-and-monastery-of-cats-in-akrotiri-salt-lake-31-march/ 

Troodos Delight – 17 March

It was a fresh Spring day on Saturday 17 March, the hike up along Kryos Potamos, past Caledonian waterfall, then round and down the slopes of Pouziaris offered many thrills, and the buffet lunch that followed, with its special herbal tea offering at the end made the outing feel twice as nice. Compliments to Laurent for his leadership, and to Maria and Clara for the photos. Join us on 25 March at Prophitis Elias https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/prophitis-elias-monastery-kionia-hike-25-march/


Bigger than the sum of its parts – Cape Greco 11 March

Our excursion of 11th of March offered a very large group of Strollers, old and new, the opportunity to explore the beautiful area of Cape Greco, at a time that nature is at its best. Climbing to the top of the cliff, down to the church of Agioi Anargyroi, round to Konnos and as far as the occult Cyclop’ s Cave, we experienced the rebirth of nature under the warm sun and the watchful eye of a proud eagle flying over us throughout our meanders. In the end, we shared our experiences and food in a picnic that brought us even closer. All in all this outing, full of colors and local smells right next to the sea, generated the warm feeling our Sunday had become somehow bigger than one day! Compliments to Christos for leading the hike, to Evi for this summary and to Antonia and Nana for the photos. Join us on 17 March at Platres https://cyprus-strollers.org/activities-description/kryos-potamos-caledonian-waterfall-pouziaris-trail-17-march/