Kornos new hike 14 Nov.

“Εμείς γι’ αλλού κινήσαμε γι’ αλλού, κι’ αλλού η ζωή μάς πάει…” are the words of a very sweet Greek song. Loosely translated, they tell ‘we set off for one path, but life did not happen as we desired’. This summarizes the hike of Saturday 14 November; under a bright sun, which was brighter than desired, we hiked a different path than planned, at a tangent. The path we walked turned out to be rather more interesting, since it was along hills with pine trees. The Cyprus Strollers welcomed three new members, had a good time and thoroughly enjoyed our picnic at the Kornos picnic site. See you on 22 Nov. on Troodos, Artemis.



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