A Definitively Memorable Outing – Larnaca Salt Lake Sat. 12 Dec.

The Cyprus Strollers participating in the outing of Saturday 12 December around the Larnaca Salt Lake had a truly memorable experience, which words and pictures cannot justly describe. About 15 min from start rain started, and we walked through some 15 min of heavy rain; this was quite a test, which forced everybody to bring out their personal best; including the walk leader, who offered a helping hand through a slippery muddy path. The delight of successfully stretching our limits was evident in the sparkling faces all around, throughout the rest of the hike. A rich meal, in which the goldfish was about the only thing missing frrom our plates, at Monte Carlo fish restaurant on the seafront, was a well deserved reward for all. Compliments to Efi, Marina and Hara for sharing their photos. Join us on Sunday 20 December at Old Nicosia, for the ultimate stroll of 2015.


tree in Christmas colours

tree in Christmas colours

post-rain sparkling faces

post-rain sparkling faces

through the muddy soil

through the muddy soil

Monte Carlo goldfish

Monte Carlo parrot fish



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