The Magic of Spring at Delikipos hike – 6 March

So many elements combined on Sunday 6 March to turn a plain hike along dirt roads in the fields of Delikipos, into a memorable experience: a feast of lavenders in bloom, the rare sighting of orchids, a double-arched old bridge, and the croaking of a choir of male frogs in a pond! Add to these the joyful conversations of the Strollers, and the picnic of a rich assortment of food, and you have an outing worth repeating. Compliments to Alex for the photos. Join us on 12 March at Pitsilia.

rear-16-03-06-Delikiposrear1-16-03-06-Delikipos   Double-arched-bridge-16-03-06-DelikiposFrogs-pond-16-03-06-DelikiposLavenderOrchid-16-03-06-Delikipos


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