The Cyprus Strollers in Numbers


At the doorstep of our 5th Season of Activities, commencing 2nd October 2016, the Cyprus Strollers take a look at the 4 memorable Seasons past, and cheerfully declare our performance in numbers:
64 excursions
582 kilometres walked
190 hours of hiking

We take the opportunity to extend our thanks to all Strollers who have contributed to this accomplishment. Come back to this website on 1st September, to read and download the Activities Schedule for October – December 2016, and discover Hiking made Pleasant and the many thrills it brings.



4 thoughts on “The Cyprus Strollers in Numbers

  1. Amazing statistics … but the most important fact about the Strollers are the people themselves. Many nationalities, backgrounds, ages and everyone is friendly, open and fun loving. The best hikers yet!

  2. Beyond the impressive statistics of the Cyprus Strollers after only two years of operation, it’s the cheerful vibes and the quality of the hikes that I have most noticed.

    Let me say first that Xenophon is a great “Great Leader” !! The preparation of such walks is a heavy task that was always carried carefully. Obviously he has first in mind the security and the ease of access to a wide range of participants, proposing easy walks by the sea as well as higher level hikes in the Troodos mountains.

    More than making hiking pleasant, Xenophon is a love facilitator !! Our pleasure was not forgotten, we walked in amazing sceneries and discovered so many hidden aspects of Cyprus. That made us prouder of our country. Moreover, the diversity of the profiles of the participants from so many different countries, jobs, languages and cultures made the walks looking more like strolling chat rooms than pure sportive hikes.

    I personally appreciated a lot the picnics that followed some hikes. Walks always end with warm moments for relaxing, sharing food and joking, in a respectful and friendly atmosphere. Picnics were alternating also with lunch at local taverns. It was then a great pleasure to taste traditional and home-made food and discover so nice and welcoming family-run taverns.

    So, like all the Strollers, I am very impatient to get the final schedule for the new season and book most events in my agenda.
    And a warm “Merci !” to all the leaders that are involved to prepare and lead the hikes this new season.

  3. I would also join in Gerard and Jackie in congratulating the Strollers for adding in my routine a beautiful way to enjoy Cypriot nature, exercise in a pleasant way and meet many interesting people.

    What I enjoy most about the Strollers is that:
    – It is a very organised club (e.g. hikes are announced well in advance)
    – Xenophon is very responsible which makes me feel safe
    – Hikes take place either on a Sunday or on a Saturday (which is convenient for those who want to use some Sundays in other ways, plus the mountains are less crowded on Saturdays)
    – Socialising is at the core of the club’s philosophy (hence our lunches after the hike)
    – It is a multicultural club
    – There is no rush or competition among hikers, hence the name “strollers”
    – It is a collective effort, with Xenophon handing us the responsibility to become walk leaders if we so wish.

    Can’t wait for the new season!

  4. I agree with those who already have commented. Cyprus Strollers is excellent and I cannot wait for the new season to begin! Why? Because Xenophon is a great leader who cares deeply about the group and can be counted on to ensure everything is well organized, because he empowers group members to lead walks themselves, because I can rely on meeting a wonderful and open group of people whenever I go on a Cyprus Strollers walk–both Cypriot and foreign–and because the Strollers has enabled me to explore areas of Cyprus I might not otherwise have discovered. I cannot wait for the next season to begin!!


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