Cyprus Strollers – What Numbers Cannot Tell


There surely is a lot of truth in numbers. After 4 Seasons, the Cyprus Strollers have counted 64 excursions, 582 kilometres walked and 190 hours of hiking! A snapshot summary of a marvelous accomplishment. But there are things which numbers cannot tell. Such as:

  • The trails, forest roads, dirt roads, the uphills and downhills we walked;
  • Circular and linear paths;
  • On soil, rock, stone, sand, wood, cement and asphalt;
  • On Troodos, Madari (Pitsilia), Mahairas, Adelphi, at Marathasa, Cape Greco, Larnaca, Limassol and Nicosia;
  • In all sorts of weather: sunshine, clouds, wind, drizzle, rain, snow, cold and heat;
  • Immersed in nature, history and culture;
  • Visiting natural treasures, Byzantine churches, archaeological and historical sites;
  • Encountering geological and volcanic phenomena;
  • Admiring endemic trees and plants, forests, streams, rivers, waterfalls, dams, lakes and panoramic views;
  • Sweating, talking, chatting, singing, smiling, making friends or just reflecting;
  • Hiking, picnicking and dining.

You have, probably, hundreds of photos that capture these moments. More than that, you have the countless memories of instances, small and big, which only you have captured, through the unique lenses of your eyes and soul. Instances of getting and instances of giving.

That is the magic of Hiking made Pleasant. If you believe in the value of such experiences, join the Cyprus Strollers for their 5th Season, starting 2 October.

Does a story or comment spring to your mind, as you read this? Feel free and submit your text here, to share with others.


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