Probably the Most Youthful Hiking Club – Madari Hike 22 Oct.

The Cyprus Strollers were brimming with freshness and youthfulness once more, on the hike of Saturday 22 October on Madari, from Selladi to Doxa si o Theos and back. Not only did we feature probably the youngest Walk leader among all hiking clubs, we also had two young boys setting the pace, in front. These elements, alongside the captivating forest scenery, the long views, and the good weather conditions created a memorable experience. Furthermore, we traced the first cyclamens of the season and spotted a tree trunk undergoing peeling. The assortment of dishes at Fountoukia taverna at the end was the perfect reward every Stroller deserved. Compliments to Christos for leading, and to Lowell and Teresa for sharing their photos. Join us on 30 Oct. on the Persephone trail.

rearcyclamenviewtree-bark-peeling   tree-bark-peeling-close-up


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